Thursday, February 28, 2019

Thursday This n That

I've been a bad little blogger this week.  Tuesday totally escaped me and I'm late today.  (For varying degrees of late.  I usually have this pre-scheduled.)

I was watching a long compilation video of lab puppies the other day and as I watched, I felt myself getting the urge to get a puppy.  So I stopped watching the video.  I don't need that kind of mind control in my life.  Cuz I do not need a puppy in my life. 

Today's the day I need to renew our fishing licenses.  They run for a year and this was the day last year, I guess, since this is the expiration date on our current ones.  It's all online now, so no big deal.  And they're only like $12 a pop.  Which makes me wonder why people fish without a license.  The fine is gonna be way more than $12 if the DNR catches you.  Derp.  Maybe they like livin' on the edge.  Maybe they feel like they're stickin' it to the man.  Maybe they're just lazy morons.

My only issue with fishing licenses is that if I go 5 miles south of here, I can't fish without an 'out of state' Arkansas license (unless I'm on the lake, then it's okay because there's some kind of agreement between MO and AR on the lake).  And out of state licenses are expensive.  Man, there's this one place we found that looks awesome for fishing, but it's in AR and I'm not buying another license just to fish there.  I'll stay in MO.

Speaking of fishing, this morning I saw an article about a new legislative bill in Maine that would make it a Class E misdemeanor to fish with anything that isn't biodegradable - hooks, lures, etc. Umm, yah.  Another reason not to go to Maine. 

Every day, several times a day it seems, I see another thing that makes me wonder what in the hell is wrong with people.  Then I run into a little old lady at the Walmart who reminds me that the majority of people are still sane and nice and good.  This last little old lady was 81, maybe 80 pounds soaking wet, and probably about 4'5".  Sharp as a knife, she was.  I helped her out by reading labels of stuff that was too high for her to look at.  Then we got to chatting.  Helluva gal.  I actually run into people like that all the time.  Yes, at the Walmart.  Good people out living their lives without being drawn into the shittiness we're blasted with in the news every day.  (Remember, the good outnumber the bad - they just don't get as much press.)

And on that note, I'll let you go live your lives.  Have an awesome day.  And find some good out there while you're at it.  ;o)

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  1. I understand a certain amount of "banning hazardous materials" in the wildlife world. Especially where endangered species are eating lead fishing weights and literally dying because of it. Yeah, "Northwoods Law" fan here. Same goes for "Lone Star Law."

    I remember taking Only fishing at the private subdivision lake where we were living at the time. I don't think it was actually stocked with "game" fish but she had a ball catching sunfish and little perch. I always very carefully unhooked them--tiny-TINY hooks with the smallest barb I could find at Walmart--and threw them back. The fun was in the catching. I don't clean fish. If I want trout or catfish, I'll go to a restaurant. Doesn't mean I don't know how, I just won't do it. *shrug*

    Weather is frigid with spitting sleet and sneet. Roads yesterday were a mess. LOTS of accidents because people are stupid. Me? I stayed indoors, which is where I'm staying today. I'll have to get out tomorrow but we'll be above freezing. I need gas and will need groceries.

    I'm so angry at the coasts right now and the stupidity that infests those areas, I need to find your little old lady. And those jackholes need to come out here to the fly-over states to see what the REAL world is like. *climbs off soapbox*

    Did I mention the weather?

    Feral cats. I have quite a few visiting. Rundown:
    Shy Cat: big, black, fluffy, with a notched ear. Well, not "notched" but the top of on ear is flat rather than pointed.
    Cowboy: Big orange striped dude, mostly mellow. He hangs with Shy sometimes.
    Midnight: Sleek, black, fuzzy tail. Haven't seen him in awhile though. A little worried about that.
    Minx: Big, black, fluffy, easily mistaken for Shy but ears intact and has a white belly only visible when said cat is stretched out, rolling in the driveway.
    Sunshine: White with orange spots. I think he (they're all he until I can figure out sex definitely) is domesticated. He likes pets--to a point. Usually "a quick ear rub, human, then fudz."
    Mama cat: smaller, sleek black. She's denned up across the street in the neighbors' back yard. Shy but getting less so.

    Baby cat: Mama's one surviving kitten, black with a white spot on his chest. He's a kitten. Too cute. I'd love to domesticate both of them. Get her fixed and installed in this loving home and the kitten safe to grow up off the streets.

    New cat: Part Siamese. Cream with the gray face and ears, slight stockings and a light patch on her back. She's small and elegant so she's a she. Don't see this one too often. I should probably name her Ninja. LOL

    And that's it for me. Hope your day is filled with all the awesome!