Sunday, February 24, 2019

Sunday Update - Week 8

Hello again. 

I only got about 4000 words out last week, but hey, that's 4K more than I did the week before.  And they were pretty good words, so I'm not feeling too bad.  However, since I just realized this is a short month, I'm feeling a little uncertain about finishing this first draft by Thursday.  Could happen, but I'm not promising anything.

I did a free thing on Friday for Unequal.  Moved 22 copies.  But hey, that's 22 people who have the book that didn't before.  Maybe one of them will review it.

Oh, and I got the final image for Cinder Ugly.  It's pretty cool.  But I won't show it yet.  Dang, people, I haven't even started writing that book yet.

Read two books and half of a third one.

Spent yesterday morning doing our taxes.  Wee. 

I wasn't super active last week.  Okay, I was a lump.  And I gained back some of the weight I lost due to the virus.  But not all of it, so that's a win, right? 

I did make homemade pizza again.  Had to use up the last of the sauce and the pepperonis.  It was awesome.  I also made cake cookies.  Yum.

Other than that, I was pretty much a toad.

How was your week last week?


  1. I lost about five pounds with the crud. Still up and down with it. Mostly no energy though I'm down to only taking meds to sleep.

    I got maybe 500 words? Maybe...

    BASEBALL!!!! I <3 Spring Training.

    JGG is now Big Foot. He has also lost all his stuffies. Long story. Still, he was good for us last night. Hopefully, he'll be good for his parents.

    I feel a nap attack coming on.

    Not much cooking or anything else last week. This week is going to be better. Maybe.

    Later, gator.

  2. Yay for new words! And yay for Cinder Ugly's (secret) cover!

    I spent most of last week dad-sitting while Mom took my brother to doctor appointments. Which means I watched a lot of cartoons. I have the theme song to Puppy Dog Pals spiraling inside my head.

    I started the text for 1868. Bad me, since I haven't finished the illustrations for 1867. Maybe I thought cartoon binge-watching counted as illustrations? ;-)