Sunday, February 17, 2019

Sunday Update - Week 7

Well, here we are again at another Sunday.  Week 7 was not the best week around here.  It started out with the cold from hell.  The cold actually began a week ago yesterday, but I didn't mention it on last week's update because I didn't think it was worth mentioning.  Shows what I know.  Anyway, it kicked the crap out of both Hubs and me.  Thus, not much got accomplished. 

No writing.  I thought I might write yesterday, but I was too tired.

No editing or marketing.

Reading was slow.  But I did finish two books before the Reading Wrap-up and a third last night (it'll be on next week's post).

Let's not talk about activity, eh?  I did lose weight, though.  Down to 176.  Not the best kind of weight loss - burning calories coughing and sneezing combined with not eating much - and I expect I'll gain that all back once I have more time eating like a normal person again. Then again, I should start being active again, too, so maybe I'll hang onto that number.  Time will tell.

I ran errands on Monday, which was a bad idea, but it was necessary.  There were prescriptions to pick up and some other necessities.  The rest of Monday I paid for the trip.  Hit Wallyworld on Thursday.  Not as bad an idea and so much more necessary, as we were out of pretty much everything.

Made a vat of burger vegetable soup on Friday.  So much soup.  Good thing it freezes well.

Last week saw the 4th anniversary of the publication of my first book.  If I'd been on the ball, I would've had a sale, but no.  It also held Valentine's Day, which is a non-event here.  Even more so because we both had the crud.

I expect Week #8 to be better.  With lots of writing and junk.  :fingers crossed:

How was your Week 7?  Do anything awesome?


  1. Not. A. Dang. Thing. And I wasn't sick so I have no excuse.

  2. Wait! What happened to Sunday? It got lost somewhere along the line.

    Yay for weight loss, even if we'd rather not do it that way. ;-)

    Still puttering along on the dressmaking book. It'll get done. Eventually.