Thursday, February 14, 2019

Thursday This n That

It's Valentine's Day.  Yeah, flair for stating the obvious, right?  I'm kinda meh about the holiday.  I mean, Hubs and I show each other how much we love each other every day.  And I've had some heinously bad Valentine's Days in the distant past.  And today?  I'm on the downslope of this cold and Hubs is on the upslope.  I look like I have leprosy of the nose and he's hacking up a lung.  How romantic is that?  ;o)

I got dumped on Valentine's Day 1992, which lead to a rebound relationship which was one of the worst mistakes I ever made.  But the Kid came out of it, which was good in the long run.  Not easy, but good.  She's my KD-Kitten.  (I can hear her cringing from here.)

Tomorrow will be Half-Price Candy Day!  Unfortunately, I'm on a no-candy diet.

Speaking of diets, I lost two pounds on the Viral Diet.  Get a cold, lose weight!  For FREE! Eat less because everything tastes weird and burn calories sneezing and coughing!  Get yours today! (No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Your mileage may vary.)  :gigglesnort:

I have to go shopping today.  We're out of a bunch of stuff and I really shouldn't put it off another day. 

Hubs did offer to go shopping for me.  The thought of him doing the shopping sends me into spasms.  Not that he couldn't do it, but the control-freak in me can't let him.  What if he bought the wrong stuff???  Gah.

Well, that's it for me.  Have a nice Valentine's Day with your special someone, be they spouse, partner, significant other, kid, furbaby, book boyfriend...  ;o)


  1. LOL! I'm glad you're feeling better.

    My Valentine is my cat. :-)

    Yesterday was Galentine's day, when you hang out with girlfriends.

  2. Today is the day to go. Cold coming tomorrow--like REAL cold. Temperature not sickness.

    I miss my dad on Valentine's Day. No matter where I was in the world, he always sent me a rose on Valentine's Day--a Tropicana (sort of a red-orange-pink color compbo--whenever he could find a florist with one. I'm not big on flowers but getting that rose from my dad? Yeah...

    Anyway, LG and I are like you and Hubs. I am gonna do filets and twice-baked potatoes tonight. We'll watch 1st 48 while we eat, him on the couch, me in the leather armchair with the ottoman. And that'll be our celebration.

    In the meantime, I'm hugging virtual friends with virtual hugs *HUGS* and fur babies and book boyfriends. And the kids.

    Glad you're feeling better and I <3 your sense of humor. Happy "Palentine's Day," pal. ;)