Sunday, February 3, 2019

Sunday Update - Week 5

It's February!  How did that happen?

Anyway, I did stuff last week...

I'm finally back to writing, albeit in fits and starts.  As of last night when I scheduled this post, Evil Space Bunnies was at 8.5K.  Ron and Marcy are in the thick of it.  Stuff's happening.

The Once Upon a Djinn sale starts today (US and in the UK), so I've been busy working up to that marketing spree.  An acquaintance of mine will be putting it in her newsletter today.  I have an ad in Bargain Booksy on Tuesday for Wish in One Hand.  And I'll be pimping the FB groups throughout.  Oh, and I made a new banner for my Once Upon a Djinn FB page.  (If you haven't already followed it, shuffle on over.)

February means my spot with my cover artist came up.  This spot is for Cinder Ugly.  She gave me the option of putting it off, but I know if I put it off, it'll never get done, so I'm doing it.  Maybe that'll light a fire under my ass to write the damn books.  You know, once I'm done with ESB.

Reading was slow.  

Let's not talk about exercising and weight, shall we?  We walked the loop on Friday and I was so out of shape that I spent yesterday sore as hell.  I'm not letting that stop me, but I think I need to go back to babysteps until I'm back into shape enough to do the loop.  That last hill to the house is a killer.

Sore or not, I spent about an hour in the woods yesterday.  Mostly I was sawing dead limbs off cedar trees.  There's something wonderful about the smell of freshly sawed cedar.  Of course, most of the work was at the bottom of the hill and when I was done, I had to trudge back up the hill.  Ugh.  Then I had the bright idea to go for a walk. 

We were supposed to do the bedroom carpet yesterday, but by executive decision, I called it off.  It'll either happen today or next weekend.  If my leg muscles aren't so damn sore.

Thursday, Hubs made Thanksgiving Dinner - turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce.  Yummers.  But it totally messed up my time continuum.  You have a holiday dinner when it isn't a holiday and see how you fare.  =op

The Super Bowl is tonight, I guess.  I'm not watching.  I quit football cold turkey back in the sumemr of 2017 and haven't looked back.  I won't even sneak a peek for the commercials - because those will be on TV sooner or later.  Some of them are already on YouTube.  Someone did a poll and like 60+% of those polled don't care about the Super Bowl this year.  That's the free market at work there, folks.  You piss off enough customers and your income goes down.  Tada.

Alright, that's it for me.  How was your week?


  1. Your sale went out in my newsletter today. I have ways of tracking any clicks from my 179 recipients. Maybe it will result in a sale or two for you! Hopefully more! Yay on space bunnies.

    No football for me either. Nor commercials. I've seen the ones that leaked. Not too impressed.

    My writing is coming in fits and starts. Less said, the better.

    I have new books to read/listen to. The problem is deciding which one. Gotta be in the right mood. One of them is the last book in the series. I'll have to do a total relisten of like 8 or so books before I listen to it because...last book in the series! *flail* I decided on a book from Hoopla, that's part of my library system. It's full of crazysauce and some humor and a lot of over-the-top plot monkeys but like real ice cream, hot fudge sauce, nuts and a cherry, ya just gotta go with it. ;)

    I need to get outside and empty the dog pools and refill before the weather turns cold again. I should do that. In a few...

    I also need to be doing some Excel sheets for a reading contest. Ugh. Maybe after I clean the dog pools. And the toilets...

    Yeah, that pretty much sums up my week. LOLOL

  2. Yay for Evil Space Bunnies!

    Having a cover does help me stay on track. Maybe that's why the dressmaking book is going so much better than my (sound-asleep) fiction.

    No football for me. But then, I never saw the point of the game. Which is odd, considering Mom is a superfan. She swore off when the controversies started, but she didn't last long. LOL!