Thursday, February 21, 2019

Thursday This n That

I don't usually read horror novels, but occasionally I dive into one.  Right now, it's a zombie apocalypse novel.  So far, it's pretty good.  I wouldn't say 'scary' exactly, but zombie stuff doesn't really scare me.  Still, it's fairly action packed, so I'm good.

Is it just me or is cash crisper than it used to be?  It used to be a big thing when you'd get a crisp bill.  Like 'hey, this is a new one', but it seems like all the bills in my purse are crisp.  None of them are the soft, crumpled, used kind we used to have.  Maybe it's because people aren't using cash that much anymore.  Which makes me sad.  I love cash.

There is so much crap in the news these days, I'm torn between using the laughing button and the angry button.  Because both are appropriate responses to this stuff. 

We need to bring back 'sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.'  Words really can't hurt you if you don't let them, but so many people these days act like they're mortally wounded by what other people say.  Feh. 

Still haven't repainted the letters on my keyboard.  The paint is sitting right there next to my monitor, but every time I think about doing it, I'm in the middle of using my keyboard.  Gurk.

I had to pause writing.  I thought of an interesting angle for what's ahead and I have to let it simmer a little.  Not sure exactly how I'm going to blend it in.  It's been percolating since Tuesday night, so maybe it'll be ready tonight.  We'll see.

Yesterday's vat of chili turned out good, btw.  Coulda used a little more seasoning, though.

And I'm spent.  What kind of this n that's are floating around you right now? 

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  1. I caught your cold. Or the flu. It hit last night. Alternating hot flashes and chills, chest cough and wheeze loud enough it wakes me up.

    Windy today. I got up long enough to clear out my inbox and get the snail mail.

    Going back to bed ASAP. Told LG it'd be an every-man-for-himself dinner night. I'll probably have spicy ramen soup.