Thursday, April 19, 2018

Thursday This n That

First off, Early Grave went live last night, shortly after midnight.  I'm now working on updating all the things, but I'm coffee deficient as of yet.  If you see something that's not updated - like the sidebars or what have you - give me time.

Hubs crawled all over the roof cleaning gutters while I walked around on the ground making sure the drainage was correct (adjusting rocks under the downspouts for optimum flow and minimal erosion) and letting him know when the water ran clean.  It's a pain, but if we don't do it, the gutters get clogged and then they run over and make a mess and... Well, we just do it.  And yes, we have gutter screens to keep the majority of the crap out, but they still get crap in them.

He roof crawls because I get vertigo.  Otherwise, I'd love to crawl all over the roof and see the gnarly view we have from up there.

He also mowed the lawn yesterday while I worked on edits.  If I'd been mowing, EG would not have gone live last night, because I would've been too pooped to get anything else done.  He's so awesome.

I am once again under the 'push push push to get the book published, fall apart afterwards' thing.  Nothing's wrong with me, I'm just drained.  But I still have stuffs to do.  Hubs was all like 'now you can take a break' and I was all like 'ROFL'.  There's markety stuffs and updatey stuffs, posts and blogs and tweets, oh, my.  I have to make new bookmarks and postcards.  And there's the paperback formatting and cover creation.  No rest for the writerly.

The birds are sucking down the suet at about a brick a day, and since I make my own suet, that means I'm making a batch about every 4-5 days. The worst piggies are the crows and the jays.  Of course, the squirrels don't help.  I chase them off when I catch them hanging off the suet cage, but I can't be watching that damn thing all day.  I might break down and buy suet this week. 

Okay, that's quite enough out of me again.  What have you got for me?


  1. Hooray for Early Grave! Wishing you a spectacular release!

    My printer died. Long live the new printer. I hope!

    Today is stay-with-Dad day. Which means no work will get done. Sigh. I did print out the next novel's outline (huzzah to a new printer that works!), so maybe I'll get up the energy to tinker with that.

  2. I'm off to use my KU subscription! Congrats on the release!

    HQ wants soap opera still stories. I'm introducing a new character--a former suitor of the Tate family matriarch. His name is Colby Carrington. We'll see if anyone catches the "Easter egg."

    I don't want to work today. I want to sleep. Haven't been doing much of that lately. Hopefully, tomorrow things will get back to normal. Stupid PTSD.

    I need to get up on our roof to clear out the leaf accumulation in the angles of the garage.

    Crud. I have contest reads to read. Argh. I'll use EARLY GRAVE as my incentive. I'll get to read a chapter for each book I read.

    Speaking of reading, I'm at 76 books of my 220 GR challenge, 11 books ahead of schedule. And that doesn't include any of the contest books. I don't get to count them until after winners are announced.

    The Cards are playing the makeup game from last night. I'm thinking it might be time to stretch out with the game on Uh huh. Watch. With my eyes closed. ;)