Tuesday, April 10, 2018


As you all might've surmised, I'm distracted as hell right now.  And you're probably sick of hearing about my other job, so I won't talk about what I'm doing.  I'd like to talk about being distracted, though. Unfortunately, I'm so distracted I forgot what I was going to talk about. 

My brain is scattered.  Every time I try to pull together what I meant to say, I keep getting derailed and my mind wanders to distracted driving.  Don't drive distracted.  Seriously.  One simple loss of focus while you're behind the wheel of a car can wreck your life and the lives of others.  Don't do it.

More than cell phones can distract you, too.  I didn't have a cell phone when I lost focus and wrecked my car (and my body) back in 1994.  I don't know what distracted me then, but whatever it was, it was sufficient to make me run a red light and BLAMMO. 

Not that cell phones aren't big distractions.  Personally, I don't use mine for anything other than emergency calls.  No internet surfing, no texting, no playing games or watching videos, no apps.  It's a phone.  It makes and receives calls.  That's it.  I don't need the added distractions. 

My brain is distracting enough.  Lately it's like living in Short Attention Span Theater.  When it's not focused on Spreadsheet Land. 

The cat is a big distraction right now as she works on getting over her infection.  A side effect of the new antibiotics is that she's having litterbox problems and I'm cleaning it up.  Ew.  Which means having to shift focus to her when she steps out of the box so the mess is contained rapidly and doesn't visit a large portion of my home.   

Hubs is a distraction as he works on his stuff.

My neverending to-do list is a distraction.  And as a result, the house is a distraction because every time I walk through, I see things that need to be addressed - a dusty shelf, a fuzz bunny, a spot on the floor, schmutz on a counter...  Add in the outside stuff and ARGH.

And there are the writerly things I should be doing.  I do have a book releasing this month after all.  Plus, I have a sale going on that I haven't advertised.  And more sales and free things going on around release day that I haven't scheduled for advertising...

It all kind of makes me want to crawl in a hole. 

So, if I forget to stop by your blog, or I forget to reply to an email, or I totally miss posting a blog of my own, I apologize.  I hope this all evens out later this week.  Then again, Early Grave edits will be back by then and I'll have a whole other thing to shift my focus toward. 

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  1. We all do what we have to do. I'm in your distracted corner. Or maybe it's the Procrastination Station. I'm sitting here doing all the things that don't need doing to keep from doing the things I need to be doing and....vicious circle. Not even coffee is helping. Plus I'm gaining weight for no reason that I can find which depresses me which triggers all the things: procrastination, distraction, desperate napping...

    Sometimes, our heads is an ugly place to be. See you on the other side. We will get there! We always do.

    ANd sorry about Kira. :/ I gave up and put down puppy training pads around the giant litter box I got for Adidas because she kept missing. Since she's 16... Anyway. Hang in there, m'friend.