Thursday, April 26, 2018

Thursday This n That

Got my shot yesterday.  The world should be safe, from me at least, for the next three months.

My freebie/sale thing is going well.  Except for some reason, Amazon hasn't caught up with the fact that SCIU is now three books.  I wrote the KDP team and they're on it.  I just hope they get it fixed before my ad block goes out tomorrow.  More on the sale thing Monday.

Hubs hates the word 'clever'.

There's a town in Missouri called Clever.  Not sure if he hates that, too. 

I walked into my doctor's office yesterday and found a stranger sitting at Shannon's desk.  Turns out Shannon, who I've depended on to get my scheduling and stuff right, for chats and joking and smiles, no longer works there.  She moved to Kansas.  Ugh.  Why would anyone want to leave here and move to KS? 

All the trees are starting to get leaves.  It's awesome.  I LOVE spring.

Oh, and the trees are filled with all sorts of little birds who're just passing through.  Warblers and finches, mostly.  So pretty and so fun to watch.  We also had a rose-breasted grosbeak stop by the suet yesterday.  I'm in my element.  Did I mention that I love spring?  I love it here, too. 

I've been doing an experiment with my new scale.  I weigh myself a lot now, just to see what fluctuations there could be and then try to figure out why.  The biggest one was I weighed myself and had gained a pound in 24 hours.  Weighed myself the next day and the new pound was gone.  :shrug:  No clue as to why, but it's interesting.  Probably water weight. 

Speaking of weight, I've noticed a lot of people are pronouncing height wrong.  They're saying it with a TH at the end - like HEIGHTH.  It's mostly on TV.  Mostly on home improvement shows.  (I think because those are shows that would naturally use the word height a lot.) 

Speaking of height, I think I'm shrinking.  I used to be 5'8.  I think I'm 5'7 now.  Getting older sucks.

Hubs has this funny thing where he'll say 'speaking of...' and then whatever he says has nothing to do with what he says next.  And then we both laugh. 

We laugh a lot around here. 

What say you today?  Do you love spring?  Do you love where you live?  Do you laugh a lot?  What's a word you hate?  How do you pronounce height?

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  1. I do <3 non sequiturs. I hate ridiculous because I can never spell it right on the first try. Spring means storms, which freak out the critters, and sinuses so no, not my fav season but cycle of life and all that. Regional pronunciations are...weird. I'm a hard T pronouncer. Okay, onto other this-n-thats.

    Adidas hides from me and then meows loudly when I get close but don't pay her attention. Then I have to track the meows so I can pet her. Cats.

    There's not going to be enough coffee today. Not sure why, but the brain remains fogged.


    I keep waiting for my "Uh oh" crow to come back so I can get a video--or at least the sound on video.

    I gave up on three books this week. That's a new record for me. And at least I can finally stop reading now instead of forging through. I used to make myself finish every book I opened. Luckily, I didn't pay for any of them. They were all borrowed from the library or part of KU/Audible Romance.

    My Cards play at noon today. I need to get off the freakin' Net and get some work done so I can watch.

    And that's what I have to say today. ;)