Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sunday Update - Week 15

Mornin' Everyone.

This last week is a total blur right now, but let's see if I can recreate it...

Writing?  Nope.

Editing?  Nope.  I did get the edits back from my editor on time, but I haven't touched them yet.  It's all good.  I have time.  I'm still expecting to release this on Friday.

Marketing?  Oh, hell no.  Thus, my sale for Fertile Ground has been a non-event, and I'm totally not set up for Early Grave's release. 

Reading?  Yeah, I finally did some of that.  I finished two books in the past two days.  I read Silver James' latest, Montana Moon (part of Ella James' Brotherhood Protectors Kindle World series).  It was covered in awesomesauce.  Then I read something I'd picked up on a whim - The Time Hunters by Carl Ashmore.  It was so much fun.  I pulled an old crime novel to read next.  I'm still like 10 books behind on my reading goal, though.  :shrug:

Fishing?  Nope.

Exercising?  Not nearly as much as I needed to do.  I got like two sessions in last week.  And while I'm still doing pretty okay on my whole eating healthy thing, I've been eating a lot more.  The scale is not my friend these days. 

Other work?  Oh, most definitely.  The good news is I got the project done and mailed the kit n kaboodle back to the office on Friday.  Which is what allowed me to read stuff.  Today I'll be free and clear to edit stuff.  I also have a boatload of cleaning to do because when I'm deep in work of one kind or another, the house gets ignored. 

Nothing else major going on around here.  What's going on around there?


  1. I got through my list of weasel words - finally! That list is far too long. And I like my favorite words far too well. Derp. Got them down to a reasonable level, I hope.

    Right now I'm a quarter the way through reading for voice, clarity, and typos. I plan to give it to my first reader on Thursday. Yay!

  2. Catching up since I stayed off line yesterday. FRIDAY!!!!!!!!
    Or soon at least. No pressure! LOL