Tuesday, April 24, 2018

It's Not Only About Time

As I was commenting on someone else's blog just now, a thought occurred to me.  It's not just about having the time to write.  I have scads of time.  I'd have more if I budgeted it better.  It's also about having the space in my brain to write new words. 

I'd love to write new words right now.  Like I said, I do have scads of time if I budget for it.  What I don't have is brain space. 

My brain is full of other stuff right now.  It's full of editing and cover art and marketing, along with life stuff and other work stuff, and there isn't space right now to sit down and create a new book. 

Oh, I have the ideas for new books.  I have the basic plots for three more Dennis Haggarty novels and another SCIU floating in the back of my head (and written down in my ideas folder, so I don't forget them entirely).  I also have that gritty urban fantasy thing about the Arthurian legends back there that needs to be written.  But there's no space for them in my head.

I should be thinking about the subsequent Sleeping Ugly novels - which won't be called that, but I can't think of a series titles right now.  I know they're in there.  They'd better be or I'll be screwed.

But I can't.  No room in the head.

And I'm not that good at mentally multi-tasking when it comes to writing.  Years ago, I tried editing one book and writing a new book at the same time.  It worked, but I was totally drained at the end of the experiment.

So, that's me.  Your mileage may vary. 


  1. I know what you mean on the brain space but when mine gets full, I'm like Harry Potter and that "pensive" thing that Dumbeldore did. I have to pull the stuffs out and put them somewhere else or I curl up in the fetal position unable to do more than hide under the covers. The human brain is an amazing place. We all work the way we work. And that's good. Do what ya gotta. Me, too. And now it's time to pull more of the stuff from me head. Because that's how I get my mileage. ;)

  2. I'm with you on that problem. I can only handle one project at a time.

    So I created my own 'pensive' - I have a file where I write random ideas. When enough ideas gather together, they coalesce and start to assemble themselves into a set of outlines. I have five lists trying to turn themselves into books! It's fascinating to watch.

    No danger of running out of ideas. The problem is figuring out which one to work on next. :-)