Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Update - Week 10

Gah.  It's Sunday again.  And the freakin' time change again.  Let's all spring forward for no rational, objective reason.  K?

Last week was an interesting week and once again, a blur - which means I'm sitting here this morning trying to rebuild it in my head.  Here are the highlights:

I slipped and fell on my ass. Nothing was bruised but my pride.
Max at a big breakfast and then proceeded to throw it all up on the office carpet.
I had some shithead try to steal several hundred dollars from me through Paypal.  The joke's on him - I don't have several hundred dollars, so even if Paypal had let that go through, it would've bounced like a Super-Ball.  I'm a debut, self-published writer here.  There are no funds in my account.  I won't even see a disbursement for the books I've sold until sometime in April, and as it stands, that won't even cover a week's grocery bill.
And that ^ was just Friday.

I spent yesterday cleaning and then reading.

In other news, last Monday was my first day of my allotted 5 free ebook days.  It went well, and netted me two new reviews, but not an upsurge in sales yet.  Monday I also guest blogged at my friend, Laura Bickle's place.  Tuesday I did a paid promo with Kboards.  Didn't see any sales from that either.

I got all the books I needed to mail mailed on Monday, so if you were expecting one, it's on its way.  And my local postal gal said the next time I stop in, bring a paperback with me and she'll buy it. 

In writerly news, I'm working on cleaning up Wrongful Termination because my editor said she has a spot open after the 13th of this month.  I have until Friday to make this as non-nauseating as possible.  I fixed the ellipses addiction I have yesterday.  Now I need to read-through again to make sure I don't have any glaring errors.  She'll find tons anyway, I'm sure, but I want to do what I can before I send it.

I'm also working on the rewrite of Fertile Ground (SCIU #2) and I think I have the path so that Frank slides in seamlessly.  Of course, I have to trash quite a bit of what I've already written, but them's the breaks.

I was working on the edit notes for Bloodflow - and I still am, kinda - but the plot holes are deep with this one.  I knew that.  This book has been like walking through a field of jacks barefoot.

In house news, Hubs only has two walls left to sand.  I've been remiss and haven't taken progress pics, though. The last two walls are the hardest and the highest, but he's way ahead of his self-imposed schedule, so it's all good.  LOL, you should've seen him out there in 20 degree weather sanding away.  Or the day he set the ladder in the snow and worked.  The man's committed.

Anyway, that's about it for me.  What's new in your world?


  1. Wow, you have a lot on your plate. Sorry Friday was so crappy, here's hoping the new week is infinitely better.

    I get content edits back tomorrow for one book, am writing another one that's due April 3rd, and am preparing for the workshop I'm leading at a conference in a couple of weeks. No wonder I'm tired.

    1. LOL, yeah, it would be easier to gripe if I hadn't put all this on my plate, JB.

      Yay for content edits and new words! Super yay for your workshop. I wish I could be there. You have every right to be tired - you're a busy gal. Cuddle up with Smudge and take a well-earned nap. =o)

  2. I'm still trying to shake the last of the flu. Still have the hacking cough and by mid-afternoon energy is non-existent. I have MOONSTRUCK: SECRETS ready to go. Waiting on the cover so I can upload it. Have started back in on NIGHT SHIFT, book 1 of the Nightriders MC series.Hopefully, it will be ready soon--mid-April at latest. The flu has set my publishing schedule behind. :(

    Sorry for the fall. Ouch! Yay for Hubs! He's the man!!! Just remember that sales will pick up as you establish a back list. It's weird how it happens but it does.

    Did I mention that spring training games are being televised! BASEBALL!!!!

    1. Tea with honey and lemon, chicken soup, orange juice, loads of water. Drown those germs! Yay on Moonstruck Secrets! And yay for the Nightriders! Stupid flu. Doesn't it know I want those books???

      Eh, I'm a faller. Hubs is indeed the man. And I know they'll pick up with a backlist, so I'm pushing to get that going, but I'm impatient!

      YAY baseball! We're watching over here, too!

  3. Hugs on falling. Nothing hurts worse than bruised pride.
    Wow, your Hubs is a dedicated man! I'm shivering just thinking about 20 degrees.
    I despise scammers, spammers, and phishers!!! Glad they didn't get anything.

    I found a new beta reader for 1C. Yay!
    Only trudged through two more chapters on 2C this week. I keep telling myself, the fun stuff is still to come, and I enjoy the chapters after I'm done, but MAN, the transitions in this book stink. As in, they don't exist at all, and need to be there. Plus I left out all sorts of interesting things, only mentioning them in passing. "Oh, yeah, I killed so-and-so. He won't bother you any more." Sheesh!

    1. Thanks for the hugs, Deb. Yeah, I still had to deal with that this morning, but I have been assured that everything will be fixed by tomorrow. If not, I'll be on the phone harassing more people to fix what some dorkbutt screwed up.

      Yay for a new beta reader! You can do this! There's fun stuff right around the corner, and you can fix the transitions. LOL about the notes you left in passing.

  4. You've had it rough lately. I'm glad PayPal was on the ball. I try not to keep too much money in there, just in case.

    Re: spring forward
    Don't get me started on that. I'm retired, yet it messed me up more this year than when I was working for da man.

    1. Thanks, Maria. It hasn't been that bad, but what's life without some trying times? I don't actually keep any money in Paypal, but it pulled off my nearly empty bank account making it a totally empty account - which I have been assured will be fixed today. (I haven't checked yet, but the servers don't cycle until morning anyway.)

      LOL on working for da man. Yeah, even though we're retired, we still live by the clock and changing times really messes with us. Bleh.