Tuesday, March 24, 2015

She's Just a Planting Machine...

Okay, so I went a little crazy this year filling up the garden beds.  I mean, last year I was no slouch, but this year... Well, I blame Hubs.  He said to buy whatever I wanted from the landscaping place.  No more catalog plants, per his directive.  "They take too long to grow," he said.  So I went with it.

Here's the new bed in front of the porch:
Sedum, ice plant, sedum, ice plant, sedum
And new in the bed in front of the house:
And jonquils
Plus we have a whole new shade bed:
Pink astilbes in the back, heucheras, red astilbes, white astilbe and bugle weed
And the new snapdragons in the driveway blocks:
Finally, the piece of resistance... Ferdinand the Forsythia:
Here's how the old beds are looking this year:

I didn't get a full shot of the front bed, but the peonies are growing like champions and the mums are starting to show green.  Of last year's daffodils only three bloomed and I have one tulip with a bud.  The rest of the daffodils, the tulips, and the hyacinths have leaves but no buds.  And I lost one bunch of purple tulips entirely.  =o(

Oh well, that's what you get buying cheap plants.  Keep your fingers crossed that these new - nursery born and bred - plants live long and healthy lives.

I love Spring.


  1. I don't know much about gardening but I think your planting's going to explode into colour if my quick google search on the plants is correct. I live in a flat, hence no garden. I enjoy looking at flowers, though hayfever halts my appreciation to looking.

    1. That's the hope, Fran - loads of color throughout the seasons. Ugh, hayfever is a pain. I get it, too, but mostly from tree pollen. Which means it should be hitting me soon.

  2. I love hostas but my area might be a little too hot for them. I have one (sorta) shady spot in the back yard though. Maybe...

    Keep posting pictures of these guys as the year goes by.

    1. I don't know about how they handle heat, Maria, but they definitely need shade. Where I've got mine is the north side of the porch where the sun doesn't reach.

      Oh, I will. Unless they die and then we'll have a little memorial for them.

  3. Dang, woman! You need a hot tub so you can relax and work out all those stiff muscles. ;)

    Your yard is looking fantastic!

    1. Gardening is my way of relaxing, Silver. But yeah, I need something for the muscles. Just not a hot tub. :shudder: Not a fan.

      Thanks! I just want pretty things to look at while I'm walking the cat. LOL

  4. So pretty! I wish we didn't have snow here so that I could get started. Hope you post more updates - I'd love to see the blooms and more of Ferdinand.

  5. Pretty! I don't have the patience for all that work. Just as well. It snowed here yesterday. Bugger.