Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Update - Week 9

Eight weeks into 2015.  Where'd the time go? (ETA: yeah, this was actually nine weeks in.) I could blame it on being busy, but the time flies just as fast when I'm not busy, so I'll just claim some sort of temporal disturbance and leave it at that.

Last week saw the arrival of my hardcopy books and my bookmarks.  The books are awesome, but the bookmarks were tragic.  Never create and order bookmarks when you're tired.  I uploaded files that should've been 160% larger and when I looked at the preview my brain said 'hey, those look spiffy!' instead of saying 'hey, aren't those supposed to go all the way to the edge?'  :shrug:  Anyway, I enlarged the images and ordered a new batch. Those arrived Friday and they really are spiffy this time.  The front says 'Revenge is better hot' in a red to orange gradiation on a black background.  The back says 'Dying Embers by B.E. Sanderson' and a ways to contact me, along with a bit about the book being available at Amazon, B&N, Createspace and 'other fine retailers'.

Now that I have all my swag in place along with my books, I'll be packing them in their padded envelopes and sending them off.  I'm shooting for shipping tomorrow, but I have to see how the roads are.

In actual writerly stuff - as opposed to marketing stuff - I finished this round of edits on Wrongful Termination, and began making edit notes for Bloodflow.  WT is shaping up nicely, and BF is a hot mess.  Today, I'll be starting the rewrite of the second SCIU book - Fertile Ground - which I'll be changing into Frank Carruso's book.  (For those of you who haven't read Dying Embers yet, Frank is a secondary character in there.)  Now I have to remember what Frank looks like.

On a personal note, my freakin' hand is killing me.  The accident that screwed up larger portions of my body left me with a deep scar pattern on the back of my left hand.  And every once in a while, those scars hurt like the dickens.  Or maybe is the mostly severed, but totally healed, tendon for my left flipping-off finger. Either way, soft tissue damage should not hurt after 20+ years, but there it is.  Makes typing fun.

In other news, because of the cold here, Max is back in the office at least through today.  He's living the high life.  He's also a major distraction.  Lucky for me, most of my work up to today has been in the living room with a notebook and red pen.

Coming up this week, I'll be a guest blogger on Laura Bickle's blog.  Stop on by, learn about how I ended up self-publishing, and get a surprise announcement.  (Which will also be announced on FB and Twitter - but Laura's blog will be more fun.)

What's going on in your life?


  1. Those kind of injuries never get better--at least not in my experience. If it's the scar tissue giving you trouble, you might need surgery. If it's the tendon, the best you can do is to stretch it regularly. That helped the tendons around my knee. Sorry it's given you grief.

  2. Shoveling snow, that's what's going on in my life right now. I'm sick of winter!

    Ahhh, but I got the edits back from my daughter. Hope to get that all finished this week. Getting closer to that self-publishing date (whatever date that will be! Haha!).

  3. Sorry your hand is bothering you. At least you can still use your right flipping-off finger. ;-)

  4. Yay for your sway! Hugs over your finger. And LOL to Max enjoying your office.

    I got very little done this week. It's been too darn cold to even think!

  5. Sorry to hear about your hand but looking forward to reading Frank's story. I really liked him in Dying Embers.