Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday Update - Week 51

Well, folks, we're almost done with 2014.  Release the 2015! 


Anyway, last week saw some gains in the editing sphere.  I am now done through Chapter 24.  Which means I have 6 chapters left to go.  I had hoped to get them done this weekend, but that ain't happenin'.  I ended up taking yesterday off...

Because we spent a couple hours yesterday afternoon looking at used car.  Well, actually went spent most of that time talking to the private sellers of said car.  He was a hoot. She was really nice. And their dog was amazing.  So there we are looking at this vehicle and another car pulls up to look at the car, which made the whole process take longer.  Still, it was good to get out of the house and chat with new people.  (Hermits like us don't get to do that often.)  I think we made new friends.  LOL  Whether or not we get the car will be the subject of another post.

Last week, I made cookies.  And crabmeat crescent puffs

I also read a bit.  Three books and a screenplay.  All good reads.  So yay.

The big news of last week, though, was Max.  After fighting his recurring infections - stomatitis, actually - we had his last four teeth pulled.  Only it wasn't just four teeth.  It was four visible teeth and about 6-8 broken teeth that we didn't know were there.  Poor boy still couldn't eat well Thursday when we brought him home, but he's slowly getting back to normal as the pain and swelling abate.  Once he's all healed, I'll get a pic of him.  It's strange looking at him without his one tooth sticking out past his lips - he lost the snaggle-tooth look - but I'm glad if it means no more steroid shots and no more pain.  And no more infections.  And no more drooling.  And no more wondering if he's going to eat today.  He's still playing like a champ.  In fact, I'd venture that he's more playful now than he has been in the 4.5 years we've had him. 

So it's all good.

How are things in your world?


  1. I'm glad Max is doing so much better and I think you deserved the day/wknd off.

    I'm busy making my plans for next year…which is both overwhelming and exhilarating.

  2. I'm so glad to see an update on Max. I've been thinking about him.

    I hope he continues to heal, and good rids to all the pain he must've endured.

    I hope you post his picture soon.

  3. Yay for Max healing up! About the drooling ... Well, Churchill drools, and as far as I know, he has all his teeth. Of course, he's a Persian, and with the flat face and underbite, I'm surprised he doesn't drool even more.

    Best of luck with the car. This hermit hates getting out of the house, too.

    Still working on IC. The editing is going well. I panic every time I need to write a new scene, but I seem to be squeezing out the words. Eventually. ;-)