Friday, December 19, 2014

Life at the Sanderson Toothless Cat Rehabilitation Clinic

Well, Max is toothless now.  Unfortunately, he's so sore and swollen that he still doesn't want to eat.  And I tried everything we have in the house.

So, today I went down to the Wallyworld and picked up a vast array of food items for him to try.

Salmon in a pouch
Tuna in a pouch
Canned Chicken
Grilled Chicken
Canned Crab
Frozen Flounder
Frozen Swai (wth is that? some kind of fish)
five different types of cat foods in a variety of flavors
cat appetizers (yes, they make cat appetizers)
kitten pate (until this morning, the only food he would eat)

And a mini food processor to turn anything we try into a paste for Monsieur Gummer.

First up, the appetizers - shredded chicken in chicken broth.  I took the container out there and he went wild trying to eat it. But he failed and gave up quickly.  I then took the stuff into the kitchen, threw it into the food processor and made paste.  He ate almost all of that.  Score!

On the upside, we humans can eat the variety of human foods if he doesn't. (Thank goodness Hubs likes sardines.  Blech.)   And Kira can eat the cat foods he won't.  So nothing will go to waste. 

Yes, it seems insane.  It may in fact be insane.  But he's such a sweet boo-baby, he deserves whatever we have to do to make him feel better. 

What's the weirdest, sorta-insane thing you've done for one of your furbabies?


  1. Argh! Take two...Blogger and the intrawebz do not like me today. :(

    Good news on Max! Sounds like he'll be a hungry-hungry-hippo once he's healed. Let's don't talk about weird furbaby stuffs. Mine get hamburger every night, mixed with their kibble, and little cat gets a spot of "moo juice" when she demands it in the morning while I'm fixing my coffee. Spoiled? Absolutely!

  2. I'm so glad he's home. Poor baby. I'm sure he'll eat more readily once the swelling and pain goes down.

    As for me and my fur kids, what haven't I done?
    When my first rottie had cancer, I cooked all her meals, not to mention all the chemo she had to endure.

    I never stopped cooking for the dogs since then. They live the life of Riley.

  3. Hugs to Max! I hope he heals quickly.

    When Mystic got old and crippled, I'd carry her to the box several times a day and hold her up while she did her business. She died over 20 years ago, and I still miss her.