Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday Update - Week 49

Hey All.

We're creeping up on the end of the year and I don't know if I should continue these updates in 2015, or just let it go.  Time will tell.

And I'm kind of in a funk this morning, which makes it harder to see anything I accomplished in the past week.  But here goes:

I started the edits for Dying Embers this week.  I may have said this here or somewhere else, but as I was beginning to attend to the notes my editor had given me, I noticed a bunch of other stuff that was bothering the heck out of me.  So, to that end, I'm taking her notes and fixing them chapter by chapter.  After I finish each chapter of her notes, I go back to the beginning and polish the hell out of the manuscript to fix all the little things that are bugging me.  So far, I have 5 chapters done and I think they're way better.  We'll see what she thinks when she gets the manuscript for the next round of edits.

And it sort of makes me want to send a huge apology letter for sending her the dreck I sent her to edit in the first place.  That she made any sense out of that steamy pile is amazing. 

It's also giving me edit brain.  How many ways can I reword a simple sentence??  I don't know, but apparently, I'm attempting to find out. 

I ended up freezing a bunch of turkey leftovers because by Wednesday, we just couldn't stand eating turkey anymore. 

I made pumpkin muffins this past week.  They turned out really good, and I posted the recipe yesterday, if anyone's interested.

Also, I decorated the house for Christmas. 

Now we're playing the fun game of 'what do you want for Christmas?'  Laying in bed last night, we talked about the subject and ended up laughing because I don't want anything and neither does he.  We've already given each other everything we need, and anything else on the list are things we don't have the fundage for right now.  (Like a second car, or a fishing boat, or junk like that.)   So, most likely, the space under the tree will end up like it did last year - with Christmas cards all around and no presents.  Works for me.

How were things in your world last week?  Anything looking good for the week ahead?


  1. Last week I procrastinated. Big Time™. I can't do that this week. I've done no inside decorating, I have a Christmas stocking to make for Sprout. No Christmas shopping done. I'm trying to get a book out before the first of the year. Iffy got a wild hair and now I'm doing a short story for submission for an anthology. And...and...*FLAIL* On the plus side, insomnia is back so I should have plenty of time to get stuff done, right?

    I did start reading Ilona Andrews' Kate Daniels series. Pretty good so far. I'd be really unhappy if I had to wait months for the next installment, though. She tends to leave Kate and Curran (the hero) hanging at the end of each book. Not a true cliffhanger but enough of a tease that I want the next one NOW! Of course, getting them from the library sort of precludes that. :( If I'd ordered them all at once, I wouldn't get anything done until I finished them off. Why yes, I am an OCD reader, why do you ask? *rolls eyes*

    As for Christmas presents, I hear you. I've asked for an Amazon GC because...BOOKS!

    And yes, please continue posting here. I sort of keep up with you on FB but because FB is a POS on showing posts, I don't always see your updates.

    Now, smother editor brain, zip through the edits and know that after the fourth rewrite of a sentence, you need to stop and go back to the first or second try because your instincts are good enough to trust. Yup.

    1. Oh, edit brain is working fine on the book - it's just leaking into other parts of my life. I can't speak without autocorrecting myself, or comment on FB, or type blog posts. Bleh.

      That's one vote for continue. Cool.

      LOL, OCD reader. Yes. You must finish all series books present in a row without stopping. I learned not to do that, though, because I get lost in the world if I don't break it up a little.

      Okay now, stop procrastinating! And that goes for both of us. After lunch. ;o)

  2. Work was busy this week and in the evenings I read The Darkest Touch by Gena Showalter, Dark Skye by Kresley Cole, Vampire in Paradise by Sandra Hill and Light my Fire by G A Aiken. This weekend I've sewed lots of star & Tree Christmas decorations to give to family and friends.

    1. Ooo, I bought The Darkest Touch earlier this past week. It's next up after the one I'm on now. And I so need to get Light my Fire! How neat is it that you make ornaments. That would be an awesome present to get. =o)

  3. Yay for edits! I think. I have edit-brain, too, but I'm editing the books I'm reading. So not fun. Some of those books were published 30 years ago.

    I love Ilona Andrews' books! I only get them at the used bookstore, though, so what I read is hit and miss. The local library might call out a witch hunt if I asked for them in this county. :-)

    Such great Christmas decorations! I love all the penguins. I was thinking about what I wanted for Christmas this year, and decided what I want most is a normal rainfall winter. Since el Nino is shaping up, I might get what I want.

    I finished updating the color book, but I've almost run out of broadband time, so I can't upload and order a proof for a few more days. Of course, I can't republish until 1/1/15, so there's no hurry.

    I vote for continuing Sunday updates, too. I love to hear what you're up to, and you force me to be a *little* bit accountable. ;-)

    1. OMG, I do that, too, Deb. It makes it really hard to read when you're editing someone else's book in your head. And the news, and the ticker on the sports stations, and anything else with printed text.

      I haven't read Ilona yet. I think the Kid recommended her, but I have so many other things to read. Ugh.

      Thanks for loving my decorations and my penguins. The middle penguin stays out all year. Fingers crossed you get your rain.

      Yay for finishing the updating! Ugh about the bandwidth thing. Boo.

      Another vote for maintaining Sundays. I'll probably keep doing it as long as I have things to report. It does hold me accountable. And I'm glad it's making you accountable, too.

  4. Your tabletop tree looks beautiful. We don't exchange presents anymore either. I used to think that would bother me, but it really makes life much less stressful. LOL.