Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Update - Week 50

Two and a half weeks left.  Argghh!!  Is it just me, or did this year slip by way too fast?  And these last six weeks??  Where the hell did November go?  How is it halfway through December already??

:panics a little:

Okay, now that THAT is over, here's what I did last week:

As of last night, I had edited and polished through Chapter 13.  It doesn't seem like much, but that was a lot of work. (Update: After I wrote this, I couldn't sleep.  I got the edits done through Chapter 15 and have polished through mid-14.)

Meanwhile, the weather was nice enough that I got out in the woods and started cleaning the trails I made last year.  My guess is if you looked at it from above, my trails would look like a funky upside down capital Q.  I mean, it ain't round by any stretch of the imagination, but it does make a loop with one central trail out, so I guess it could be a Q.

I also got caught up on my reading yesterday.  I'm now at 95 books for the year, with 5 more to go to reach my goal of 100.  Some of them were novellas, but then again, some of them were big, fat tomes, so it all evens out.

We made the decision to have the remainder of Max's teeth pulled.  He's got something called stomatitis - which pretty much is like an autoimmune reaction (i.e. his body is actually fighting to kill his teeth - or rather the plaque on his teeth) and ever present as long as there are teeth, so out they come.  It's his best hope for being pain free.  There's a slight chance it won't work and he'll still need steroids for the rest of his life.  There's also a slight chance the anesthesia will kill him, so if I'm a weeping loon on Thursday, you'll know why.  He'll be my little gummer.  Everything I've read says he should lead a normal rest of his life without teeth - including being able to still kill shrews.

Other than that, got my Christmas shopping done.  Hubs and I have already received our gifts.  The Kid got her Christmas box and was thrilled.  The Moms' gifts have shipped and should arrive shortly.  Yay.

How are things in your little part of the universe? 


  1. Poor Max. Poor you. Sending healing thoughts.

    1. Thanks, JB! Other than not wanting to eat, he's more playful than he's ever been. You should've seen him just now, chasing plastic jingly balls all over the garage like a madman.

  2. Hugs to Max! I hope the surgery goes well. Poor thing.

    Yay for all your edits! You're getting so close. You might want to start reading the Passive Voice blog. PG (Passive Guy, the lawyer who runs it) gives excepts of blogs reporting on self publishing. (NO writing advice.) They write about the state of indie publishing, marketing, sales numbers, and the battles with trad-publishing devotees. It's invaluable just for the marketing / promoting ideas. Most of the posts are short, but PG links to the whole article if it interests you.

    I'm writing fiction again! Well, sort of. I'm editing the early chapters of IC, adding or repairing the voice. Finally figured out half my problem with it was it felt so flat. And I got a few words written on the chapter where I completely gave up last winter. Still rather stuck there, but when I get there again I'll have three choices: grab the mojo and write; leave the chapter half written and move on until later; or scrap the whole chapter. I need to decide if it's truly critical to the whole story.

    Plus I'm waiting to see the preview copy of the color book. I had some formatting problems. (It helps to set the pages to the right size.)

    Annnnndddd -- it's less than two weeks til Christmas. Panic, panic! ;-)

    1. Thanks, Deb. Like I told JB, the only worry right now is he won't eat much. Here's hoping after the extraction heals, he'll be back to his food inhaling self again.

      Thanks also for the suggestion. I'll look into that - if I can ever get blogger to follow people again. LOL

      Good for you! Yay for being back to fiction! Ugh about your formatting problems, though. Fingers crossed that works out soon for you.

      Yeah, I'm not panicked about Christmas anymore. Other than food, I'm set with it. Year end scares me more.

  3. *panics a lot* I'M NOT READYYYYYYYYYY!!!!1!

    I backed dozens and dozens of cookies today. The cream cheese ones were awesome with chocolate and Heath bricke, and with Andes mint baking pieces. The turtle pretzels were good too. Along with two kinds of oatmeal, pumpkin spice, and chocoloate chip. They all to to LG's office tomororw.

    I'm hypbernating for a couple of days, Got edits back on MOON SHOT so hope to have it ready to release by the weekend! Off to read for a bit. I'm a few books short of my 200. ;)

    1. You'll be fine. :patpatpat:

      Wow. You are a baking machine. All of those sound awesome. I gained a pound just reading about them, though. Thank goodness their going to LG's office, eh?

      Go hibernate. I can't wait for Moon Shot, but I can, if you know what I mean. Wow, all the stuff you do and 200 books, too? Holy cow.

  4. Poor Max! That has got to be so painful. You might want to try tempt him with baby food. I'd hate to think of him not eating. Poor baby. When do you plan to have the surgery?

    1. He's sucking down his salmon pate this morning. So its not like he's not eating at all - just that he's not eating as much as he usually does. The surgery is Wednesday. I drop him off bright and early, then pick him up at the end of the day (or the next day, if the vet wants to observe him overnight.)