Friday, August 9, 2013

What To Do

Okay, so I got that rewrite knocked out.  It's done.  And I'm at loose ends.  I have so many books I need to work on that I'm like a cat who has too many toys thrown at it at once.  (Ever take a handful of cat toys and throw them in the air.  When they land, the cat doesn't know which one to chase.)  Of course, there's also the risk that with too many toys, the cat will get bored with them all.  So, following the analogy, I need to pick one toy to bat at, chew on, and kick.

If you've been following along over at my writerly blog A Pound of B.S., you'll see the beginnings of almost every book I've ever written or started writing.  I think the only ones we're missing over there (that I could still work on) at this point at Djinn 2 and Sleeping Ugly.

I'm leaning toward either rewriting Blink of an I again, or finally editing Unequal.  The only problem there is the little voice in my head that says 'dystopian is out'.  Since those are both 'speculative fiction', I could be shooting myself in the ass by spending too much time on them.

I do have two suspenses (Nanotechnology and Fertile Ground) and a mystery (Cut and Dried) I could be working on. 

Or I could go back, take all the mad writer skills I've acquired in the past 9 years and fix an early work like Nature of Fear.

I also have a YA Fantasy I never really got under way, and so many new ideas...

See?  Cat + Toys = Brain Implosion

So, I'm letting you all have a say. 

What do you think I should work on next?  Input would be greatly appreciated.


  1. I'd vote for suspense....that way when B.E. gets picked up you'll have something else in the same vein. Good luck!

  2. *eyes cat snoring beside me* Since Adidas doesn't do toys, I can only speculate. However, since Iffy has ADHD, gets ramped up on coffee, and loves to emulate a whirling dervish (or a dust devil, your choice), I do understand your dilemma. Besides Penumbra, Iffy presented me with a bouncing baby series and now she's gone all Duck Dynasty on me and I don't EVEN want to explain that plot!!!

    But back to you. I'd like to see more Djinn but that's me. New York also says that historicals are on the decline, romantic suspense is on the decline, paranormals are right out, and New Adult is the rage. Sales, however, do not bear this up. So, my suggestion is to look at the projects (including any new ideas) and see which one calls to you the loudest. Which one lingers in your thoughts? Which one pops up at random moments and flips the switch on the lightbulb? That's the project you should work on.

    Oh, and happy Friday. Try to stay dry!

  3. Ha - I am reminded of Taz and her toy box! She will pick and lift each of her stuffies out to get the one she wants to drag around the house with her (very focused dog). I, unfortunately, am the one to pick them all up (yes, she has a lot - she never chewed, so she has toys dating back to when she was a puppy).

    OK, onto your dilemma. I'm going to go with JB and vote suspense. I've read your suspense stuff and it's good. Yes, I'd love to Djinnocide published, but sometimes a girl's gotta do what she's gotta do, right? In the other realm, if you really don't want to go suspense, I loved the premise for SLEEPING UGLY.

    As Silver says, pick the one that speaks to you!!

    Looking forward to hearing which one you decide to go with :)

  4. Thanks for thinking positive, JB. I hope Dying Embers does get picked up by someone, but... :sigh: Thanks for the luck, too. I need it.

    LOL, Silver. Yeah. Since Kira got fat, she doesn't really 'play' anymore. LOL about Iffy. She's one spastic muse sometimes. The problem is, they're all flipping switches. It's like a freakin' light show up in my head.

    Aww, Taz is too cool, Janet. So that's two votes for suspense and two for djinn. With a side bet for Sleeping Ugly. I'll let you know where I go when I go there.

  5. Although it seems like dystopian novels are trending out, that doesn't mean people don't read them. It's better to write about what stirs your blood instead of what's popular because if you write about whatever's popular it could've fallen out of favor by the time you finish.

    Besides, I like dystopian fiction. :)

  6. And I like writing it, Maria. I'm not necessarily going for 'popular'. I'm just looking for something that will sell at this point. LOL