Friday, August 2, 2013

A Little Game of Spot the Deer

This morning is quiet and gray.  We're supposed to get rain later, but right now, there's a hush in the atmosphere.  And the deer are taking advantage of it by bedding down in the woods behind the house.

See if you can spot the deer in this picture...

It enlarges when you click on it.  Go ahead, I'll wait.

See 'em?  No?

How about now?

They're right there.  In the middle-ish.  Just up from that one tree and over a little.  (You can see now what my husband has to deal with.  It's really hard to describe where in the woods a particular thing is located.  Even harder when he's looking out the different window and he's about 4 inches taller.  From his perspective, leaves and branches might've been blocking what I could plainly see.)

Did you see them that time?  How about now?

A little easier?


Well, here they are!

Mama and fawn.  Excellent camouflage!  My father taught me early to look for certain shapes and lines that seem out of place with the trees.  The color is close to the fallen leaves, but not quite, and the slope of her outline isn't exactly how the landscape slopes.

The real question now is who sees the third deer?  I didn't see it myself until minutes later when it started scratching at its ear with a back leg.

(I apologize for the less than stellar quality of these.  They were taken through a window that desperately needs cleaning - and one that won't get cleaned any time soon because it's about 10-15 feet off the ground.  I don't do ladders and we haven't splurged on a power-sprayer yet.)

Updated: The third deer - outlined in the last picture above.

Scroll between this one and that one.  See it now?  (Yeah, it looks like a kindergartener drew a deer there, but if you look between the two, you can see I didn't just draw one on.)


  1. I only saw two, but spotted them quickly. (Probably since I spend so much time watching deer out my windows.)

  2. How fun! I saw the pair in the second photo, but I still don't see the third deer.

  3. I got them on the second photo!! Do you have binoculars to do your wildlife watching?

  4. I made a pic with the third deer outlined. I'll post that later.

    Good spotting, JB, Deb, and Janet.

    The Hubs has binoculars, Janet. I use the zoom on my camera. =o)

  5. I saw them! The third only after you pointed it out, but I could see that brown splotch in the very first photo that I figured was them.

    How's your Friday?

  6. Yay, Alexia! Seeing the brown splotch is key for picking out wildlife in the woods.

    It's quiet here. Lazy, gray day to sit around watching TV... and writing. Yeah, that's it. Writing. ;o)