Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Timesuck That is Yardwork

Okay, so all y'all know that we bought a house and moved back in April.  The house isn't perfect - what house is? - but we knew all it would take was some sweat equity to make our home the way we want it.  The first thing we did was get gutters installed on the north side - where there were no gutters.  (Really helped with that 5.5 inches of rain we got.)

The next big project was digging up the foundation and sealing it - with it's ancillary project of sloping the ground away from the house (thereby creating flower beds) and creating a drainage system to direct the rainwater coming down the hill away from the house, too (thereby creating walking paths).

First order of business - move the azaleas lining the front of the house so they'd be out of the way and wouldn't get crushed by all the activity.  Those went into new beds on the other side of the driveway.  And they're looking pretty okay, considering it's not the right time to transplant shrubbery.

I moved 5 of them here and the other 4 are on the opposite side of that tree.

So, we got the bushes moved.  Then came the digging of trenches - both to clear the foundation and to create a drain so the rain wouldn't drown our foundation.

Next, we ordered retaining wall blocks...

and began putting those in place.
But we couldn't do much more to the front because we were waiting for the foundation to dry out there.  (The 5.5 inches of rain did not help with that.  LOL)

So we worked on the iris bed alongside the driveway...

It's ready for planting.  And since the dirt arrived yesterday, I'll be working on that today while the Hubs puts another coat of sealant on the front and digs out the back foundation so it can dry. There'll be more pics as we get certain aspects of this done.  (If I waited and posted them all at once, we'd be here all day. LOL)

Yes, all of this is a tremendous timesuck.  And I'm getting squat done for writing.  But hey, it'll look awesome when we're done.  Plus, our foundation will be nice and dry from here on out.

What timesucks have you encountered lately? 

PS.  Yes, my house is the color of pumpkin puree.  That will be rectified next year maybe.  Depends on time and finances and how long my husband can bear to look at that color.


  1. That's not yard work. That's major landscaping.

    Getting settled into a new house is always a lot of work. But it's all necessary. It'll look great when you're done.

  2. You have your work cut out for you but wow! You've made huge strides already, especially given the weather. FYI, bed your azaleas with pecan hulls this fall. (Yes, you can buy them in bulk from lawn/garden/hardware stores.) Trust me. Next spring you will thank me. ;)

  3. Wow - impressive! And I agree with Maria, that's major renovation. But like you said, all worth it in the end.

    I love azaleas! Silver, would the pecan hulls work for rhododendron, too?

    Can't wait to see the rest of the project - especially that Iris bed!!

  4. I'm impressed, too! You've done a ton of work!

    I'd wondered about that pumpkin paint. My mom did that once - after 10 years it had faded to an acceptable (almost) color. LOL!

  5. LOL, yeah, I guess you're right, Maria. It is kinda major. I just never thought of it that way.

    It's a lot of work, Silver, but it's satisfying. My mom told me the same thing about azaleas. I looked for the pecan hulls at Walmart today but no dice. I'll check elsewhere eventually. Thanks.

    I'll be posting another series of pics, Janet, as we go. I got the first flowers in today - marigolds and mums. Here's hoping the deer don't eat them overnight. LOL

    Thanks, Deb. LOL, I think this paint has been here a while. I'd had to think it's faded to this. Ack, how awful was it before??

  6. Wow, that's awesome!!! I agree with everyone else--that's major landscaping!

    My parents have always been into renovations/yard work. Personally, I adore gardens, but I do NOT have a green thumb. Of course, that might change when I have my own house ;)

    I think it's okay that you're not writing much right now. You have your new house to work on! That's very productive, and good for your health (both mentally and physically).

    You mean, you don't want to keep it that bright orange? ;) What color DO you want it??

  7. Having your own place changes your outlook, for sure, Nat. I don't know if it'll cure your thumb and make it green, though. Personally, I just try to find plants that take care of themselves and then I leave them alone. LOL

    We're not sure what color, but that's a project for next year. Something brownish or tannish, probably. Just not orange-ish.