Monday, August 26, 2013

Last Round... Until...

Okay, so we finally got to a stopping point this weekend.  There's nothing left to do...  Until plant ordering season begins again... Until I get the gumption up to go pick out the river rock we want to use to fill the holes in the retaining wall blocks...  Until plants get delivered...  You get the picture.

But until then, we're done.  Here's the last set of pictures:

The Dirt Pile (now gone entirely)

The Rock Pile (not quite finished)

Front Bed w/ Mums Galore

Mums Galore

The Shade Bed (awaiting plants)

The Shade Bed
Where the Irises Used to be - Now a Rock Garden

The Iris's New Bed
Yeah, the irises look scraggly, but they'll perk right up come spring.  And the two bushes there - the left is the crepe myrtle, the right is the lilac - they'll perk up or they won't.  If the move was too great a shock, we'll replace them with just lilacs.  We love lilacs.  Also, I plan on putting heather plants along the concrete and in the corner where the bed meets the garage. 

In the front bed, I have plans for peonies.  In the shade bed, lily of the valley.  All or part of which will have to wait for Spring.

=o)  I can't wait for Spring.


  1. I love seeing all of your progress! So wonderful! I'm also excited for spring--I can't wait to see your garden in full bloom!!! =)

  2. Are you covering the holes in the edging blocks or leaving them bare?

    I'm always looking at places where weeds can crop up. LOL.

  3. Thanks, Nat! I can't wait either. =o)

    LOL, Maria. We're looking into river rock for the holes. I don't want weeds either.

  4. B.E., you might consider either herbs or creeping phlox to plant in the holes. Creeping phlox will bloom in the spring, stay green through the summer and cascade over the blocks. It's hardy and perennial. :D

    You guys have been working HARD! It shows. Gorgeously. *nods*

  5. I thought about creeping phlox, Silver. Those are backordered, too. I hadn't considered herbs, but I'm not a herby kind of gal. I did try growing some last year in pots, but I killed those not long after they sprouted.