Thursday, August 22, 2013

Landscaping Project Pt 2... or What We Did Yesterday

Here we are again... looking at the yardwork... Okay, LANDSCAPING PROJECT...

So we started the day with two piles of stuff:

Pile of Rocks

Pile of Dirt

and a bunch of spots to put the stuff:
Westside Trench

Southside Foundation Sealed

Westside Foundation Sealed

Westside Trench

Northside Trenched

Northside Bed
So we spent the day putting stuff in the spots that were ready to take stuff:

Westside Path over Trench

Our First Flowers
Iris Bed Drainage Path

Path and Filled-in Southside Foundation
Today we'll be moving two bushes from the front yard to the iris bed - a crepe myrtle and a lilac (both of which look like they belong to Charlie Brown) - as well as moving the irises.  Hubs put a second coat of sealant on the westside foundation yesterday afternoon.  If that's dry, we'll begin filling that trench and bed with dirt and that miracle grow you see in the last pic.  And he'll start painting the sealant on the northside, so it'll be dry by the time we're ready to put in the shade bed.

Busy busy bees.  (I wish we were bees - then the damn bugs will leave us alone. They feasted on me yesterday.  Thank goodness for itch creme and stuff.)

Oh, and just because she hasn't had the proper amount of attention lately, here's my fat cat...

And now, I've got work to do.  More pics in the days ahead.


  1. I'm impressed that you moved those big piles of stuff. Congrats!!!
    I love the lawn to look beautiful but I don't like contributing to its beauty. I love sitting on the front porch in a rocker and looking at the lushness, the blooming trees and flowers. But I so hate to work outside. Thankfully my hubs and daughter love yard work. So I happily clean inside and cook and then enjoy the fruits of their labors.
    Blessings for sharing the photos. I could see what you accomplished. Yay for a finished project. Speaking of projects I have a novel waiting to be finished. Stop by my blog one day and see what I am into. Thanks!

  2. What a lot of work. But so worth it! It looks lovely and what a wonderful yard. Your cat appears exhausted from watching all that work!

  3. Dang, woman! You and the hubs are machines! I'm impressed at the amount of work y'all got done. The place is really shaping up and looking gorgeous. Just think how pretty it will be next spring. Not sure how much you know about crepe myrtles but they can grow to tree height really easy. Someting to consider when placing in a bed near the house or drive.

    Looking forward to more pics!

  4. Wow - I'm tired just reading that! Having done major landscaping over the past couple or years since moving in, I understand the scope of the project (and the soreness and the bugs). And it never ends - we still have other projects to do.

    Love the flowers - so cheery. Good luck today on the rest of the work - hope the bugs aren't so bad (fly dope, as we say in Canada, works wonders - or you can try the new home rememdy: Vick's Vaporub).

  5. Wow! That's a LOT of rock and dirt to move.

    Your place is looking great!

  6. Wow, that's a lot of work...but so worth it!

  7. Thanks, B. I totally get the 'watch from inside' thing. At the end of the day, when all the muscles are rebelling, I wish I'd done that. LOL

    It'll be great when we're done, Karyn. As for the cat, it's hard to tell from a still, but she was being 'danger kitty'. She gets all ninja like we can't see her up there.

    LOL, Silver. We have been cranking it out this week. I can't wait for spring. And I hadn't heard that about crepe myrtles, thanks. I plan to put it in the corner of the bed, so it has plenty of room to grow, though. (Today. I'll move it today.)

    Ah, Janet, so you know. It's a chore, but worth the effort. I got some more mums yesterday (reds and a purple), but I haven't place them yet. Haven't tried the VapoRub. Is that for repelling bugs or stopping the itch after the bite?

    Thanks, Deb.

    Thanks, Nat.

    Definitely, JB.