Monday, August 12, 2013

20 Years Ago Today

Twenty years ago today - at just after 4am - I gave birth to a baby girl. 

My little princess...

Who grew up into a strong woman...

And though she may have had some bumps in her road, she's finding her own way and walking her own path. 

By this time next month, if all goes well, my darling daughter will be on her way to being a member of the armed forces.  It's not the path we wanted for her, but we couldn't be prouder.

Happy Birthday, Darlin'.  Even though we can't be together today, we hope your day is awesome.  Eat a bite of dream pie for me.  :HUGS:


  1. It must be hard to be away from her on her birthday (harder maybe???), but you raised her well, B.E. Wow, the armed forces - good for her!!

    PS - she looks like you :)

    Happy Birthday to your princess!!

  2. I've already spoken to her twice today, Janet. LOL Yep, she's thinking army, but I'm trying to get her to talk to the Air Force (it's in the blood). If everything goes according to plan, she'll be somewhere soon.

    Heh, yeah. Except for her blue eyes, she's a mini-me. (And she'll hate that I said that.)

  3. Happy Birthday to your princess. While her path might not be the one you would choose, it is her path. And she'll walk it with all the faith in herself that you've instilled in her. Good job, Mom!

  4. I almost joined the Air Force, but the Army was easier with the weight, so I chose it instead (what a reason, huh???). Good thing I did, though. That's where I met my husband, 34+ years ago!

    My mother hated that I joined. I thought it was the best thing for me. At least you have the internet/cellphones to keep in touch. Back in 1976, we only had letters and pay phones!

  5. Happy Birthing Day, B.E.!

    And wow, she looks so much like you!

  6. Awwww! She'll always be your baby.

  7. Happy birthday to your princess. Time goes by fast, doesn't it?

    And the Armed Forces is exciting. Every friend who's ever joined have said it was the best thing they ever did.

  8. Thanks, Silver. I tried. And I hope she does walk her own path her whole life.

    Both my brothers met their spouses in the military, Stacy. (And one of them is still married to her.) I definitely think this will do her good. And yay for the internet and cell phones.

    Thanks, Deb. She actually does have a few traits from her father, but we try not to think about those. LOL

    Definitely, JB. The only one I'll ever have... well, that isn't covered in fur. ;o)

    Too fast sometimes. I should've put a brick on her head ten years ago. Keep her small. ;o)

  9. Awww!!! Happy Birthday to your baby girl! Sometimes I forget that we're so close in age. Only 3 and 1/2 years difference between us!!!

    Good for her for wanting to join something like the Armed Forces. I'd never be able to do it, but I respect those who can. It'll be really tough on you, but we're all here to support you through it =)