Saturday, December 22, 2012

Putting Pen to Paper

I'm in that place again.  You know the one - where every time I sit down here to write, the words won't come?  Yeah, that one. 

I don't know why I get stuck in this place.  It's so much easier physically to write on the keyboard.  My hands take a lot longer before they cramp, for one.  But nooooo.  I'm stuck over there, sitting on the couch with my big 5-subject notebook in my lap and my trusty red pen. 

I'm still working on the story I wrote about for my The Next Big Thing post.  I'm really liking where this is going.  I threw in a twist I wasn't expecting and now my poor MC has to deal with that before she can deal with the curse she's under.  It's awesome.  Really it is.  But hammering through it one page at a time is killing me. 


I think I just need to kick my own ass and tell myself to quit being such a ninny.  I'm in charge here, dammit.  And I want to write lots of words instead of just a few.  So there.  =op

Until then, though, I'm stuck doing it the old-fashioned way and putting pen to paper.  Because, hey. slow writing is better than no writing.  Right?

Do you ever write longhand?  It's a great way to get unstuck.  (Until you get stuck while writing longhand, then you're screwed, I guess.)  I know several of my friends can't due to hand issues, so if you're one of them, what other trick do you use to get unstuck?  Maybe it'll help my muse to not be such a damn techno-phobe right now. 


  1. I've heard there might be a problem leaving comments here this morning. If you're having trouble, please email me - besanderson at gmail dot com. If nothing else, I can post your comment and attribute it to you.

    And thanks for your patience.

  2. We've talked about this before. I envy those writers who can write with a pen and paper, but my arms and hands are too bad for me to even consider it. The most I can do is sloppy planning--and trust me, those pages are so hilarious to try and read.

  3. I read just a few days ago that if you get stuck, start writing everything that wouldn't happen next. Then you'll eventually unblock and things will flow and you'll stumble upon what you DO want to happen. I haven't tried this yet, but it's intriguing. Good luck!

  4. I'm glad you are kicking your own butt, B.E. - I can't get down there right now to do it for you ;) And the whole 'slow writing is better than no writing' is a great way to think of it (something I need to think of, too as my writing is of the 'no writing' variety these days.

    And, yes, I do write longhand, but not very often.

  5. I wish I could ask Santa to fix your arms, Nat. :hugs:

    Hmm, I hadn't heard that one. I'll try it next time the words won't come, Alexia. Thanks.

    LOL, Janet. I am trying to kick my own butt - which must look really really weird. I think we need to make 'slow writing is better than no writing' our mantra.