Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas is Coming, the Writer's Getting Fat

Yeah, I know it's supposed to be 'goose is getting fat' but let's get real here.  In the past week, the Kid made 4 batches of cookies and I made 3 batches of fudge.  I'm afraid to step on the scale and see what kind of damage all of this is doing.  Add the hazelnut Turtles and the candy canes to my already horrible 'see-food' diet and my ever-widening ass* is going to take over the world.  (Or at least crush Tokyo.)

And what have I been doing to ameliorate the calories?  Umm...  Yeah, we won't go there.  Let's just say my life consists of writing, reading, watching TV, and catering the the cats' every whim.  (Including the strays who have decided my place is the best feline restaurant in town.)

At this point, I'm not really worried about it.  It's December.  I've got stories in my head that want to come out and I'm going with the flow there.  I've also got a TBR pile from hell of stories that want to go into my head.  As for the cats, they're plotting their own version of the French Revolution in case I stop ponying-up with the vittles.  And I watch TV to take a break from everything else. 

Life as usual.

How are things in your world?  Do you see a weight increase during the holidays or do you manage to hold it together?  How? 

*I actually sing the term 'ever-widening ass' using the tune of Poor Wandering One from Pirates of Penzance.  What can I say?  It's a thing.


  1. This is the worst time of year for diets, and best time to count calories, or at least be aware of them. That's how I do it or at least try to. LOL Best of luck. :-)

  2. I usually gain at least 5-8lbs from Nov-Dec... but my best workout/healthy eathing season is Jan-March, so I'm trying not to worry.. too much. o<;0)

    Happy Holidays!!

  3. A friend and I were just discussing how something was wrong with the air quality control in our closets because our clothes appear to be shrinking.

    But maybe it's all the Christmas baking...huh.

    Happy writing!!

  4. My goal this Christmas is to maintan (hoping my running will offset the weight gain that usually accompanies this time of the year). That and NOT baking. I usually do so much and then it's just me and The Husband who end up eating it all! No baking, no eating fourteen cookies for breakfast. Although, your fudge recipe keeps tempting me!

  5. You forgot the toffee I got from work yesterday. :evil grin:

  6. I was going to lose weight before Christmas... 'was' being the operative word here! Needless to say I'm not doing as well as I'd like. Maybe I'll concentrate on diets after the holidays.

  7. Thanks, Cynthia. I need luck.

    I hear that, Casey. Happy Holidays to you, too.

    ROFL, that's great Karyn! I love the idea it's something in the air making my clothes shrink.

    Maintaining is probably the best plan, Janet. But the evil fudge... it calls me.

    FYI - that comment about toffee was not me. It was my goofy Kid commenting from my computer while she was home for lunch. And yes, I forgot the toffee she got at work. =op

    LOL, 'was' happens, Debs. I say at this point we all need to wait until 2013 to diet. 2012 is a lost cause. ;o)