Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Because I Love You And Junk

Because I love all my minions oh so much.... Here's a recipe for Peanut Butter Fudge that is the BOMB.  da bomb... totally...

Follow this recipe.  I haven't had a batch fail on me yet, but your mileage may vary.


2 cups packed light brown sugar
2 cups plain ol' white sugar
4 tablespoons of butter or margarine
1 cup evaporated milk
2 cups miniature marshmallows
1 1/2 cups creamy peanut butter
2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Butter a 8" x 10" glass cake pan and set aside.

Grab a 3 quart saucepan and combine the butter, the white sugar, the brown sugar and the evaporated milk.  Set on burner at low heat.  Stir until the sugars are pretty wet and the butter's mostly melted.  Turn the burner up to almost HIGH, stirring constantly.  Right when it starts to boil, set a timer for EXACTLY 5 minutes - no more, no less.  Stir the raging boiling evil mixture of molten sugar until the timer goes off.  (Even if a big splooch of tasty-tasty lava lands on your arm and you want to cry.)  Remove from heat immediately.  Stir in marshmallows.  Stir in peanut butter.  Stir in vanilla.  NEVER STOP STIRRING until it's all combined because when you stop stirring it starts to set.  (At this point, it helps to have someone nearby tossing ingredients into the pan while you stir, but if you're alone, it's still possible.  I just did it and no one got dead.)  While it's still molten goo, pour it into your prepared pan and smooth so it reaches all the corners.  Allow to set in a room temperature or cooler spot.  (But not cold.  Refrigerating your fudge is CHEATING.  It should set without any help from Kenmore.) If you did everything right, it should've started hardening around the edges while you were stirring and it shouldn't want to spread in the pan - because, hey, it's like chilling out and wants to stay in one clump, man.  You're harshing its buzz.

And yes, I typed this recipe into blogger yesterday afternoon right after I ate a bunch of super sweet, extra-awesome, gooey fudge bits that were still stuck to the pan.  Why do YOU ASK??!!

Pardon me while I go run around the living room for a while. Weeeeee.

:WARNING:  Do not let your children make the fudge without supervision.  Molten sugar is nothing to laugh about when it lands on skin.  (One year I got a glob in the face - not fun.  The fudge was still worth it, but I'm an adult.  I will suffer for my fudge, but kids shouldn't have to.)  Also do not let them eat massive amounts of fudge without a shot of brandy nearby - it's not for the kids, but you're going to need it after their sugar buzz wears off.


  1. Good warning, B.E. - recipe looks amazing and a strength workout at the same time! We've been eating shortbread cookies like crazy, don't think I can add fudge to that - but, never say never ;)

  2. Oooo, that sounds delicious. I might just have to try and make it this weekend =)

  3. LOL, exactly Janet. Never say never. And today, I'm making regular fudge (which needs no recipe since it's on the marshmallow fluff jar.)

    It is pretty tasty, Nat. Just get the husband to stir for you - it's pretty hard on the arms, wrists, hands, etc.

  4. You are a cruel, cruel woman. There is nothing in that recipe I'm not allowed to eat - and so many things have been taken out of my diet that I didn't think any good ole-fashioned goodies were left for me.

    Soooooooooo happy to be proved wrong! :-)

  5. Ummmm... Mom, I could totally tell you were eating the fudge while you typed this. (Sometimes the brandy is for the kids, when their parents are on a sugar high) Also, you have fudge and you're holding out on me. :sadface: