Friday, December 14, 2012

Great Gift Suggestions for the Writer in Your Life

This morning over at Not Your Usual Suspects, JB Lynn talks about the Best Gifts for Writers

Feel free to send me whatever you choose from that list.  ;o)

Seriously, though, we're not giving gifts this year.  The gift we're all going to have is a better padded bank account than we would've had otherwise.  I know it sounds kind of Scrooge-worthy, but after thinking about it, we all have everything we need.  And anything we want ends up being more stuff cluttering up the house. 

And anything we really want bad, we've just bought for ourselves over the year.  (Which makes my daughter's wishlist of CASH actually kind of perfect.)

I'll just be happy if we can make it through the rest of the year sans illness or unhappiness or worry or woe. 

Of course, I'll still be making Christmas dinner.  And yeah, I already did the fudge.  The tree is up and the house is decorated.  I guess I'm not such a bah-humbug after all.  So there.  =op

Whatever you give and whatever you get for whatever holiday you're celebrating this time of year, have an awesome time. 

Now about that retirement home (and the ability to retire into it) that I've always wanted...


  1. Darling Daughter-
    Cash: It's how you say "I love you, but not enough to buy you MCR CDs."

  2. It's a great thing to be content and not need presents. That's lovely, actually.