Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Post Holiday Whip Crack

I hope all y'all had a wonderful holiday weekend (or just a great four days if you didn't celebrate a holiday).  But now it's time to get back to work.  :whipcrack:

Stop by The Unpublished Writers Guide to Survival and chime in on how to combat the guilt of not-writing.  Or just commiserate.  I don't know about you, but this not-writing is killing me.

Did you get any writerly work done while you were celebrating?  Or were you like me and just laid around the house eating goodies?

Thinking about it now, maybe I should add exercising to my to-do list and get back to work on that, too.  The Ferrero chocolates are attacking my ever-widening ass.  (Have you ever had the coconut ones?  They're to die for.)


  1. I did pretty well with exercise -- ran 3 miles Sunday and ran another 3 miles yesterday. And I got quite a bit of writing scheduling (for 2013) done so I was a bit productive, but I didn't write.

  2. Good job, JB! Yay for the productivity! =o)

  3. Exercise? What is this evil of which you speak? I'm on writing vacation at least for a few more days. That said, Iffy has been curled up in a corner of my mind plotting. She almost convinced me to write a Christmas story but there wasn't really time to do it justice. Next year. In the meantime, I'm planning, plotting, and scheduling. I'll be back to work soon.

    We have ice with about an inch of snow on top but we managed to gather yesterday and have a great time anyway! Happy holidays!

  4. My MIL ran out of peanuts and instead made what my family is referring to as "walnut balls". No one likes them but me. And I LOVE them. . .exercise will definitely be needed soon! And writing!