Friday, December 7, 2012

Picture Pause - The Birds

It's migration time here on the eastern plains of Colorado.  Sometimes this means we get interesting new feathery friends who stop by for a nibble at the feeder.  What it usually means is that we get boatloads of typical birds gathering up to fly to warmer climates. 

This year, they're gathering up - but they aren't leaving.  It's been an unseasonably warm year.  It's also been very dry - which is why the geese never went too far from any available water source.  I'm guessing these factors are why I've been seeing thousands of starlings every day.  THOUSANDS.  Flying in flocks so large it looks like locusts up there.  Flooding the trees across the road.  Pooping on everything, btw - including one incident where I didn't step under the carport fast enough and got it. 

Anyway, this is about what it looks like when they all decide they want to leave together:

I love birds, but this is ridiculous.  And starlings have to be my least favorite bird.  Noisy, messy, ugly birds...  Here's how they look as they're making a racket in the trees:

It's like a scene from Hitchcock out there. 

I can't wait for winter to hit hard enough to encourage them to move on.  (And that's probably the only time you'll ever hear me saying I can't wait for winter.  I hate winter.  I just hate these birds more.)


  1. I hate starlings! They stay here year round. UGH!

  2. Are starlings related to grackles? We have a love/hate relationship to grackles here in Texas: They are noisy, messy, odd birds that look like they belong in Mordor.

    But -- they eat crickets. And every couple of years we are PLAGUED by millions of crickets. Then we beg the grackles to come visit. :-)

  3. They're here year-round, too, Silver, but for some reason, this time of year, they flock up - maybe to feed(?). Obnoxious noisy things.

    I don't know if they're related to grackles, but we get grackles, too - regular and great-tailed.

    Here's a link to more about starlings if anyone wants it:

  4. I'm not sure if they're starlings (although I'm pretty sure they are), but I've seen a few gangs of them still hanging out in Wisconsin, too. They like to line up on the wires until I drive past in my car, and then divebomb, only veering off at the last second. And yes, I always think of Hitchcock when they do it (and Stephen King).

    My aunt used to yell at me for throwing stale bread in the yard for the birds because she thought it would just call in the dang starlings. :)

  5. Lol it does look a bit creepy out there...