Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 is Almost Gone

Can't say as I'll be too sad to see 2012 go.  It wasn't a bad year, per se, but it wasn't a great year either.  It was more of a meh year.

Looking back - literally - I found this post where I talk about my half-year goals for 2012.

1) Finish Djinn 2 - Check
2) Polish Djinnocide - Check (this check turned into a total rewrite, though)
  2a) Put together submission materials so I can... - Check
  2b) Send this sucker out - Check
3) Edit at least one other forgotten book (you know - one I wrote but never edited like Nano or UEQ) - Not Check
4) Edit Djinn 2 (just in case Djinnocide sells or something) - Not Check
5) Read at least as many books this year as last year (the count was 90 in 2011 - more on that tomorrow) - I'm at 89 read this year with a few days left to go, so this'll probably be a Check.

I only really missed two, so that's not a bad thing.  It's just that here I sit at the end of another year, still unagented and still unpublished.  Bleh.

I feel like I'm in stasis - not moving backwards, but definitely not moving forward either.  And yeah, I'm so sick of listening to myself whine about it, I could spit.

"Really, Meissner?" I says to myself (because when I talk to myself I call myself by my old name)  "If you want something to happen, do something.  You toad."

Looking ahead at 2013, I see some things on the horizon that might make the beginning of this year interesting.

- Point 1 - which is a special surprise I can't talk about until next week or the surprise will be ruined.

- Point 2 - which I also can't talk about yet, but it's totally not writerly.

Hopefully, one of these will help shake things loose.  (Although the second one is going to be a bit distracting at first, so that'll shoot my productivity in the ass.  And NO, I'm not pregnant, planning to be pregnant or even remotely considering adding anyone to my tiny family.  :shudder:)

As for making public plans, here's a list which will probably be like last year's craptastic list:

- Finish Sleeping Ugly (from first draft through to submission)
- Resume submitting Djinnocide.
- Edit AWJ (because all of you who stopped by and read my snippet last Sunday said so)
- Edit one other forgotten book
- Read at least 50 books (because I'll be too busy to read as much this coming year as I did last year)

Check back with me next year to see if any of the above actually got checked off.

How about you?  Are you ready to see the back of 2012?  Was it a good year for you?  What expectations do you have for 2013? 


  1. Looking at your goals and your check-marks, you did very well, B.E.! Don't beat yourself up - and, hey, I'm still in the 'unpublished/unagented' camp with you - it can't be all that bad ;)

    Here's to 2013 and to your exciting surprises (can't wait to hear all about them)! And keep on keeping on - you can't reach your dreams without putting in the work!! (I'm going to remind myself of this, too).

  2. I'd say you made great progress in 2012. I never end up checking EVERYTHING off my To Do list.

    I'm excited for your 2013 surprises!

  3. You did good, B.E.! And now you're going to keep me up nights wondering about your surprises. You big tease!

    2012 was a fair year for me. I had the courage (my word for the year, Janet! LOL) and took some chances that paid off. I didn't accomplish everything I wanted but I got a lot done. There were some not-so-good things that happened but that's part of life, right?

  4. I think you did a fantastic job, hun! I'm posting my 2012 list in the next few days, and then I'll post my 2013 list on the 31st.

    You have me intrigued about these two points! Can't wait to hear what's going on =)