Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Time for a Quickie

Update that is.  Not the other kind.

If you've been following along on FB or Twitter, you might already know some of this, and for that, I apologize, but in the interest of keeping everybody abreast of my most interesting and exciting life, here goes...

I finished the rewrite of Djinnocide.  It topped the scales at 124K - which means I have about 20 or so K to slice and dice out of it.

In the course of chopping, I was slapped upside the head by Insight (that big bully) and ending up changing a crucial plot point, which means I have to change all subsequent references to said plot point.  Some scenes are complying easily.  Others are being turds.  The worst of the lot so far growled at me Sunday, sunk it's hobnailed feet into the mud and refused to be changed.

It kicked my ass all day Sunday.  Sunday night, I kicked it back.

Right now, I'm on pg 93 and at around 119K words.  Since the Harper Voyager window opened yesterday, the countdown clock is ticking.  I have less than 2 weeks to finish chopping, do some polishing, check for typos, and submit.  I have committed myself to doing this.

In other news, I've unintentionally suspended querying.  I'm just too busy.  Once I get past this submission window, I'll start it back up again.  And no, I don't have any news on that front.  Wish I did, but them's the breaks.

On the real life front, I've been dealing with some personal stuff interfering with my writing stuff.  Nothing major and nothing horrible - just distracting.  Everything should be mostly cleared up now, though, so the only thing stopping me from working is me.

Okay, so that wasn't as quickie as I thought it would be.  What's up in your worlds these days?


  1. Sounds like you're doing great! Keep it up! You can do it!

    I'm just gearing up for my release on the 16th....and trying to finish another book, which, like yours, isn't overly cooperative.

  2. I'm cheering from over here, B.E. - sounds like you have a great plan and are sticking with it (even with the personal stuff interferring).

    Still fighting this cold - and grudgingly working at the Day Job (can we petition for 3 weeks of work and 49 weeks of holidays?)!

  3. We're both going to kick book @$$ this week! Now get to chopping, dicing, and reconstituting. You can do it! Your fan club is cheering you on! (I've got a couple of SEALs sitting on their hands right now. I can send them over to deal with all things wearing hobnails... ;-)

  4. Congrats on figuring things out!!!! I'm sorry you're too busy to query right now, but you're being smart about it. No point in rushing it if you're simply too busy! I do, however, hope you get good news soon ;)


  5. Thanks, JB! Sorry to hear your book's being a snot, too. I'd give mine a time-out, but I think that's what it wants. ;o)

    I can hear you cheering from way over here, Janet. Thank you. Sorry your cold is still kicking your butt. :hugs:

    Yes we are, Silver. I think you need the SEALs to help you kick boot butt first. I'm not getting a book ready to be published this month.

    Thanks, Nat. Yeah, I guess I am being smart about it. As soon as I have news to share, you'll know it. :hugs:

  6. I'm editing too! Again.

    I sympathize with your plot strands and am cheering you on with your ass-kicking. You'll get there!

    Hope the personal stuff gets sorted soon.

  7. You can do it!! Bend it to your will and submit that puppy to HV! Confetti and sparkles in advance!