Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Roller Coaster

Relating back to something Deb Salisbury said in the comments yesterday...  Ever see the movie Parenthood?  (Not the show... it started out good and then got meh.)  Well, in the movie, the wise old grandma character tells a little story about when she was young.

(I tried to embed it, but it wasn't working.  I'll wait while you go watch the clip.)

Back?  Okay...

Here's the deal: I don't like the roller coaster.  Sure, when I was younger - before all the shit that's happened to me - I loved going to Cedar Point and jumping on the Blue Streak or the Gemini.  The faster the better.  (As long as it didn't turn me upside down.  I hate being turned upside down - ever.)  Nowadays, I'm not even sure about the merry-go-round.  (I get dizzy easy.)  Hell, I'm probably more suited to the ferris wheel.  It goes around - up high, down low in a slow enough round and round that I don't feel like I want to pray to Ralph, the Porcelain God.

However, having said that - and still keeping with the analogy - I will ride the roller coaster if I have to.  You can't live life just going around in circles.  Nothing ever happens when you do - you never get anywhere and while the rest of the world is going someplace, you're trapped in place.  I did the Harper Voyager thing.  I'm doing the Baker's Dozen thing.  I'll jump through whatever hoops are necessary to make my dream happen.

But that doesn't mean I'll enjoy the ride.

What about you?  Do you like the roller coaster, the merry-go-round or the ferris wheel?


  1. Great analogy on life, B.E. - very inspirational (and motivational - I'm coming back to this over and over again while I attempt NaNo one more time - and contemplate Lady Bells one more time :)

    Now, for real roller coasters - love them - fast, upside down = perfect, not enough time for me to think or get sick. Ferris Wheels? NO, NO, NO!! They're much too slow, open cars that stop at the top while someone at the bottom gets out, and that slow, lazy swing back and forth - can't do it! Panic sets in...hmmm, maybe an analogy for my own writing dreams, eh?

  2. I love that scene from Parenthood. As for me, though? I'm not much of a rider. I love the carrousel for the colorful horse and the dreams and stories and I created when riding the local one as a kid. Ferris wheels are for stealing kisses under the moon, when stopped at the very top. Roller coasters? Nope. Not getting on one. The first responder in me screams "NOT SAFE!"

    I'll take my rides in my imagination. I get as big a thrill and I can sleep at night with no crick in my neck. ;)