Saturday, October 6, 2012

First Snow of 2012

Yessireebob, it's snowing on the eastern plains of Colorado.  Happy beginning of October.

And this is what it looks like here this morning...

Hope you're all warm and safe and happy wherever you are.  Personally, I'm staying home.  Coffee's on, the furnace is working, and I've got editing to do.  ;o)


  1. I MISS snow! It's chilly here--actually had to turn on the heater. It's a great day to edit--or in my case, format. ;) I'll be ready to release WOLF MOON as soon as the cover is done. *happy dances*

    Where are you in the process. Tick. Tock. Time's flying...

  2. Wow! Snow already?

    I'm thrilled to have below 90 temperatures. We have a cold front right now, and it's a chilly 56. Yay!

    I just noticed your new photo - it's great!

  3. I'd send you some if I could, Silver. And I'm doing my happy dance for you, too. Can't wait. =o) Still on pg 188. Got a little derailed, but I should be back at it tonight.

    Yep, Deb. As gross as it sounds, there it is. Yay for your 56! And thanks for liking my photo. =o)