Saturday, October 13, 2012

We Interrupt This...

We interrupt this regularly scheduled morning to bring you...


I'm never going to get this done in time.  There are too many little mistakes scattered throughout the damn thing to fix by tonight.  I'm tired.  My eyes are killing me.  I've been staring at all this for so long that words no longer make sense.  Carry is a word and it's spelled right, right???  I need more coffee.  I need another cigarette.  I need a Valium - which is saying something because I'm allergic to Valium, but hey, maybe a few hallucinations are just what the doctor ordered...  VODKA!  'cept I don't drink anymore.  And who the hell can edit while they're drinking??  I need all my faculties... but I don't have all my faculties anymore.  I'm losing my mind.  This will never ever ever be finished.  It's going to kill me.  Or I'm going to kill it.  Either way something is going to die by Monday morning...


Thank you.  I just needed to freak out a little.  You may now resume your regularly scheduled morning.  And I'll go back to editing. 

PS.  The above was brought to you by the letters Y and O, and the number 0.  It is no way intended to be serious, but was merely a way to get all that out of my head so I could work - and is a better way to do it than standing on my front lawn screaming (which would wake everyone and have men in uniforms arriving to cart me away).

Peace out.  ;o)


  1. Maybe you need some sleep?

    You can do it!

  2. I went to bed at 9 last night and got up at quarter to 6. Maybe I need less sleep? ;o)

    Thanks, JB. I'll do it. I just needed a moment to vent out the freaking so I could work some more.

  3. You think getting up at quarter to six IN THE MORNING means you need LESS sleep?!?!?! *eyeing you* Even though you got just about nine hours of sleep, the body should NEVER wake up before 7 am (even then, 7 is pushing it... unless, you know, you have a job you need to get to or something).

  4. LOL... Just watch. One of these days, you'll be old, too. Sleeping until 7 is sleeping in for me.

  5. Welcome to the world of writing. ;-)

    Have more coffee, another cigarette, and get your butt back in the chair. *cracks whip*

    You'll kill it. You already have it in a stranglehold!

  6. Hah, nope. My mum is 42 years old and she still hates mornings just as much as I do ;) For me, anything past 9 am is sleeping in. Anything before 6:30 am is cruel; CRUEL I TELL YOU! Of course, for university I used to have to get up at 4:45 am to get into the city for my 8 am classes.

  7. You're doing a remarkably good job of hiding the freaking out, though. Except for the scary smile. The scary smile is creeping me out.