Thursday, October 18, 2012

Kitten Update

In case you missed it, last week I had a stray kitten show up on my porch (go here for the story).

Yesterday I picked her up from the vet.  She's got the mostly-clean bill of health.  (She still has ear mites, but those take 3 wks to clear up.)  And she's ready for a forever home.  Sooo,

Today I'm taking her to one of the local humane societies and Friday she will board a pet bus of sorts headed for the Denver area, where she will be a PetsMart adoptable pet.

She's wicked awesome.  I'd keep her if I could.  But since I can't, she'll make someone else a great pet.  She's smart and funny and playful.  She has a loud purr.  She's litter trained, comes pre-medicated, and - if they'll let me leave it with her - she has her own stuffed pink pig to sleep with.  (Because I felt bad leaving her locked in a bathroom all night with no one for snuggles.)

And now for what you've all been waiting for... kitten pics!  She was pretty much into everything right off the bat.  The kitchen counter...

The bed...

The end table... and the bedside lamp...

Done exploring!  Time to eat!

Which is what she's did right after I took these shots.

And thus, we say goodbye to Lil Bit.  May she live many years in a happy home.

If you're inspired in any way by the story of Lil Bit, please help out an animal in need or donate to your local shelter.  Help them spay or neuter a pet to help stop more itty bitty kitties from being unwanted and let to fend for themselves*.

*A large Northern Harrier (a hawk) flew over the house today.  Lil Bit could've easily been it's lunch.  She also could've been run over, munched by a dog, harassed by the dominate male Toms in the area, picked up by mean people... you catch my drift.

ETA:  The place Lil Bit is supposed to go to tomorrow is called Every Creature Counts.  It's a no-kill animal rescue organization.  Yay!!  Wish her luck.  =o)


  1. OMG! If I had brought her home for a night, I would never be able to take her away the next day (but I know your restrictions, B.E. - again, you are an angel :) And if I lived closer I would take her in a heart beat, never mind The Husband's protests about cat allergies!!!

    I hope she finds her forever home - I'm sure being the Petsmart Adorable Pet will help her. Best wishes L'il Bitt/Gingersnap!

  2. It's not as hard if you go into it with the idea she's not staying. She's just passing through on her way somewhere else. It was nice having her around last night, but I have to admit that I don't have the time or patience for a kitten right now (even if we could keep her). Kira and Max take up plenty of energy and they're adults.

  3. Soooo cute! I hope she finds her forever home soon! You are an angel, B.E. Seriously! (And I would have come to get her if I didn't live 15 hours away!--and that's driving like a crazy woman. >.> <.<

  4. She is darling! I want her! It's a good thing I live about a thousand miles away.

    I rescued Churchill from our local humane shelter when he was 8 years old. There's no way I could keep up with a kitten.