Thursday, September 20, 2012

Everything Else Falls By the Wayside

Right now, I'm up to my ankles in alligators.  Sure, I'm the one who put on my galoshes and waded out into the swamp, but that's beside the point.  Here I am.  And recognizing that I've made myself incredibly busy means I also have to recognize that at times like these, everything else falls by the wayside.

For instance:

- I haven't done dishes since Monday.
- I also haven't really cooked dinner (which means not doing dishes here hasn't been as grotesque as it sounds.)  Last night, we had Banquet - frozen crispy (they don't make 'fried' anymore) chicken.  The night before, sandwiches.  Thank goodness for paper plates and aluminum foil.  We're just totally out of clean spoons and juice glasses.
- We won't talk about my recent shower schedule, but I got one last night, so it's all good.
- My yard is beginning to look like 'urban jungle' in the truest sense of the word. I really need to mow.  And pull weeds.  And cut down the little tree growing up under my gas meter.

My husband is an incredibly patient man.  He's also been so busy this week, he makes me look like I'm standing still, so maybe he just didn't notice.  Well, until I mentioned the dishes and then we both laughed.  His answer:  "One good thing about dishes is that they aren't going anywhere."

Lucky for me also, my daughter's an adult now - so if she gets hungry, she can fend for herself.  Plus, she's working, which means she's gone all day and doesn't require as much attention as when she's home.

(And yeah, either one of the above could've done the dishes - but I like them done a certain way and while I do appreciate their assistance, their way irritates me.)

The two of them haven't fallen by the wayside.  Neither have my cats - who were both fed and petted and happy as of last night.  (Kira wants more food this morning, but she's a pig.)  So maybe I should've amended the subject of this post to 'everything non-living falls by the wayside'.  :shrug:

Oh crap.  I forgot to do the laundry yesterday.  And for some reason, I keep thinking it's Friday.  This must be what they talk about when they say 'writer brain'.  Or maybe it's just me.

Do things fall by the wayside when you're busy?  What do you let slide?


  1. People thought I was being funny in one of my dedications when I mentioned buying 30 days of unmentionables for the entire family with my royalty. I was serious! No need for laundry that way. :lol:

    Shower? Dang. I need to think about taking one of those. I can usually remember to start the dishwasher so that's taken care of. Yard and house cleaning? Nope. Critters? Yeah. I remember to feed them. Usually... *looks shifty-eyed* Hang in there. It's all going to be worth it! And here's to spouses and children who get it!

  2. I left a message earlier and it didn't post. Ummm. Not sure why.
    I do know exactly what you mean.
    When I'm really truly writing, which I am not doing now, I seem to be in a trance and things don't penetrate, like every day household things.
    All that I can see and hear are the people in my head. WHen I surface, I take care of all of that.
    I look forward to getting back to writing soon. Right now I've been converting a manuscript to Kindle and that's been consuming. The editing, etc etc etc. Then the Kindle version has to be gone thru. We are at the tail end and it should be on Kindle in the next week or so. Work will then begin on my second novel in a series.
    Best wishes to you.
    Thanks for sharing this. All writers will understand.

  3. LOL, Silver. I don't think I could get away with that. Lucky for us all, I only do the mid-week laundry. Hubs does it on the weekends, so if I miss my day, he picks up the slack. And the Kid does her own laundry. I'm hanging in. Thanks.

    Sorry Blogger ate your comment B. Cool about your Kindle book being almost ready. You'll have to stop by and let us know when it goes live. =o)