Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's Ba-aa-ack!

So here I am working on my rewrite.  I'm up to chapter 23 now with about 9 chapters left to go.  It's going okay.  For some reason this thing is coming together in spurts, but hey, at least it's coming together.

Anyway, I'm re-writing along, focusing on all things genie, when a book I started a couple years ago pops into my head like some sick game of Whack-a-Mole.  And it's all like "Look at me! Look at me!"

Now I don't remember exactly why I never finished that puppy.  I know I liked the story and where it was headed...  Crap, now I remember.  I was in the middle of writing it when I got a rejection on my other suspense that made me feel like I had no business writing anything even remotely approaching suspense ever again.  And so, the idea was left - some half-shapen, malformed monster stuck in the primordial ooze of my subconscious.

:cue creepy music:

"It's ba-aa-ack!"

I don't know if I'll tackle it when I'm through with this rewrite, but it feels good to be excited about a story again.  (Not that I'm not excited about Djinnocide, but I've been at this so long, and the other idea is all fresh and new.  Maybe that's what it really means to be a fickle book whore.)

How about you?  How are things going in your writerly worlds?


  1. That's great that you're doing so well on your rewrites. I've pretty much thrown out all of the chapters I had for my book and started over. I'm only up to Chapter 5, but it's amazing how different those 5 chapters are from the original. Hope everything else is well!

  2. Hey, glad you're making progress! I'm rewriting this summer too. Some days I rewrite a whole long chunk, then come back later and toss out 3/4 of it, leaving only a small bit. But I do find that thinking through the story so closely is helping to make huge improvements!

  3. Sounds like you're getting lots done!! Keep at it =)

  4. Ha! I think my Muse has infected you with "Iffy-itis." *passes the scissors* Have fun!