Sunday, August 12, 2012

Distractions and Busyness and Whatnot

August has not been my month for getting stuff accomplished, if the first 12 days are any indication.

I could blame the Olympics I guess.  I've never been this Olympics crazy before, but this time around they're just so riveting.  So many talented people busting their asses and succeeding - it's got me glued to the TV.  Like last night's 10M Men's Platform Diving.  My god, that guy - David Boudia - was AMAZING.  The dark horse, the Cinderella story, the come from behind.  Call it what you will, he kicked ass and brought home the gold.  (And that event is scary as shit.  The one guy from China came within inches of bashing his head on the concrete platform and falling the 10 meters into the pool.)

So yeah, the past two weeks were a wash with regard to prying myself away from the TV, the website, checking the medal standings...

:shrug:  There've been other distractions, but that was the main one.  Like the Kid's approaching birthday - which meant a super-special surprise shopping trip yesterday.  Or like that cute little house I almost fell in love with, which would've been the perfect vacation home slash future retirement location.  And which, after emailing back and forth with the realtor, turned out to not be everything it seemed.  But which also lit the fires of property hunting in me and had me - you know when I wasn't watching the Olympics - scouring the interwebs for a house I liked nearly as much as the dream of that one.  Bleh.

What it all boils down to, though, are excuses.  This was supposed to be my year of 'No Excuses'.  I let other things distract me from my writing, my reading, and that critiquing commitment I made.  Well, the excuses stop today.  (Okay, so some of them stopped the other day when I decided to take the 10m platform dive into the query pool again.)  I will get at least 2K words written today.  I will get that damn synopsis tweaked into something agents might actually enjoy reading.  I will read several chapters of this book I'm critiquing.  And later, if I have time, I might even finish Darklands by Nancy Holzner.

I will not watch any events today.  I will not watch the closing ceremonies.  (Well, maybe just a little.)

But right now, I have a cake to frost...

What's distracting you lately?


  1. Life. Drama. Fear. Take your pick. I had a great spurt on Thursday--over 3K words PLUS exercising and doing some yardwork. Completely lost steam Friday and Saturday. No words. No...nothing. Today? Today I made a goal of reading all 191 snippets on Six Sentence Sunday. I'm just over 1/10th of the way through. Took a break to catch up on blogs. I need to run the vacuum. I need more new words on the WIP. But first, back to my goal. 21 down, 170 to go.

    Share your house hunt, though? Love looking at houses!

  2. Yay for your Thursday, Silver! I hope you accomplished your goal. And that house I was talking about? It was in OK near Lake Wister. So pretty, until I got the extra pics from the realtor. =o(

  3. I'm also racing against time to finish a WiP and it's not going to happen in time to be submitted for the RNA NWS at the end of August.

    August is always so busy.