Thursday, August 9, 2012

Abject Terror, Nausea, Palpitations? Must Be Query Time

Pray to whatever god you call yours for me.  And if you have no god, keep a positive thought in your head.  Because today I will be wading back into the query pool.

Okay, so maybe this morning I won't be wading in.  I have agent research to do.  Which means, at least this time around, a Premium Membership over at  Hell, it's only $25 (or one Amazon book order) a year and I just happen to have that amount available in my book order account.  I'll get that done today* and get started pulling information to plug into the Access database I created.

And then once I have a few good agents on my list, off the queries go.


Anyone got some Pepto?


  1. Good on you! Crossing fingers and all such good luck charms, sending good thoughts into the Universe, and hoping for all the best in your quest! *passes the Pepto*

  2. Wishing you the best of luck! (Sends over a roll of Tums to back up the Pepto.)

  3. I thought Query Tracker was free. What do you get for $25? I keep all my query tracking on an Excel spreadsheet.

    Now starts the obsessing with your e-mail, huh? I hope you get some good responses! Good luck.

  4. Thanks for the luck, Silver and Deb! And Pepto with a Tums chaser sounds perfect. =o)

    It's free, Stacy, but if you pay for the Premium membership, you get extra stuff - like the ability to track more than one book, more reports, access to other information, etc. I'm still learning all about the perks. And thanks for the luck. I need it. =o)

  5. BEST OF LUCK! I'll say a prayer for ya! :) I'm sure a great agent will snatch ya right up!

    *adds chamomile tea to the antacid pile* ;)