Sunday, August 14, 2011

Random Stuff

First off, you have to see this video: 31 Jokes for NERDS!  I don't whether to be proud or sad that I got most of them.  Proud, I guess.  After all, the geek shall inherit the earth.  (It's true.  Look at Bill Gates.)

And how strange is it that I want my daughter to find a guy like the guy in that video.  (She'll kill me later for saying that.)

Speaking of the Daughter, she's an adult now.  :cringe:  Yeppers, my widdle Kady Kitten is a full grown woman with the power to vote and buy lottery tickets.  (And that's about all she can do now that she couldn't do before.)  Oh, and smoke.  But she's totally disinterested in everything but the lottery tickets.

And Thursday she'll be off to college.  Let's all wave a fond farewell to the girl as she marches off into independence.  :waves:

But seriously, I will miss her.  Thank goodness for technology.  She'll only be three hours away anyway, but with FB chat, and cell phones and email and... well, you get the picture.  Plus, if I break down and get a webcam, I won't even have to miss her sunny disposition.

Speaking of Thursday, my oldest nephew will be getting married.  Congrats to him.  He isn't reading this, but if he was... I hope your wedding is awesome and sorry I forgot to buy you anything until just now.  Your present and card will be arriving late, but they will be there.

It's been an insane summer here at the Sanderson Ranch.  (Okay, it's not a ranch for real, even if we live in a weird modified ranch style home attached to a former church.  Don't ask.)  But after Thursday, everything should settle back down.  I'm looking forward to having the opportunity to concentrate on work again.  I've got big plans... well, I've got plans to have big plans.  I've got Djinnocide out to a reader who's making some awesome suggestions, another casual reader came back with some additional suggestions.  With their help, and anyone else's who might be interested in reading an urban fantasy, I will publish this damn book - even if it kills me.

As a total bit of randomness...  chipmunks in the wild really dig cheese danish and poppyseed muffins.

Here's proof -

Hope you're having a great weekend.  What random stuff is on your mind?


  1. OMIGOD! I watched this twice to get them all, but they were hilarious! Especially the nerd pick up lines. And I have to use the glass is not half full or half empty, the glass is bigger than it needs to be. Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Those hadron jokes never get old!

  3. I'll have to check out the jokes.

    Aren't you so proud she's going off to college (and that she doesn't want to smoke?)? :)

  4. Um, you made my morning with those jokes for nerds. Is it bad that I laughed through the whole thing?

  5. Yeah, I keep telling my son to stop growing, but so far he hasn't. LOL

  6. Congrats on your daughter going to college! That's a big deal!

    oh btw..left you an award on my blog :)

  7. It's a bittersweet feeling when they go off to college. Love the nerd jokes.

  8. Aw, your kids are all growed up! :)

    Random stuff? A lot of random stuff happening in my life these days, some good, some confusing, but nothing bad.

    Wow, that was vague, haha.