Thursday, August 11, 2011

Picture Pause - Trip Pics

Good morning, Everyone.  Today's Picture Pause is brought to you by the Peak to Peak Lodge - our home away from home while we were up in Estes Park last week.

Okay, so this first one is the view of our hotel looking south.  

And this next one is the view from our hotel room's big picture window.

And here's the view looking north.  I tell you, I got some amazing pictures from the parking lot of this place (sans the sign of course).

And here's me looking east into the sun.  Maybe the owners should pay me for artsy shots of their establishment.  LOL

Finally, this fellow came through the parking lot the afternoon we arrived.  My big camera was full and there wasn't time to download, so Daughter snapped this with the small camera.

Maybe my next run of posted pics will have the mule deer mama and her twin fawns who spent about twenty minutes in nearly the same spot as Elmer Elk. 

Peak to Peak wasn't the nicest hotel in Estes Park (umm, the nicest hotel was The Stanley - star of Stephen King's The Shining, the Jack Nicholson version - but who can afford to stay there).  Still, it was nice enough for our needs and it was the most cost efficient.  I'd totally recommend the place for anyone trying to see Rocky Mountain National Park on a budget.


  1. I hope you had a great time. It's looks like a beautiful area. (picture of the moutains) (smile)

  2. I spent my honeymoon in Estes, can't for the life of me remember the name of the hotel, but these pictures brought it all back! Colorado is beautiful. Thanks for the memory jog!

  3. My good friends want to take a trip in stay in the Shining hotel. No thanks!

    Your photos are beautiful!