Thursday, August 25, 2011

Best Laid Plans

Okay, so maybe I jumped the gun thinking now that Ki's off to school, I could have all this free time to write and clean and generally get stuff done.

Ya, right.

I'm still in the thick of things with the kid.  (I know you're reading this.  Don't apologize.  It's my job as 'the mama'.)  We've talked via phone or chat several times a day, burning through cell minutes like they were peanut M&Ms.  I don't mind, really.  I'd rather take a few hours of my life to make sure she's getting what she needs to succeed than not.  (After all, that's why I went with homeschooling.  Yep, I'm the mama.)

Anyway, I did manage to get pages back to my crit partner (yeah, we've gone past beta reading into critting) and look through the notes she sent me.  BTW, I'm loving what's she's pointing out.  This book will be so much better because of her.

I also managed to get some words re-typed into UEQ.  So it's not all bad.  It sure as hell better than I've done since June.  So, I'm calling it a win.  (Okay, maybe an honorable mention.  LOL)

What thing hasn't turned out as well as you'd hoped, but that ought to be a win anyway?

And, btw, nothing's a fail if you keep trying.  I may not be doing the schedule I posted earlier, but I'm not giving up.  As I told my CP this morning - Never give up.  Never surrender.*

*Shameless stolen from Galaxy Quest.


  1. All we can do is keep at it and try our best.

  2. I believe you're only a failure if you don't at least try.

  3. You can do it! I've been feeling the same way. I just went and got me a planner in hopes that it would help me remember everything there is to do. I'm sure you're book is going to be great. Crit partners are so wonderful!