Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Call for Positive Thoughts

Author Rob Thurman was in a car accident recently and is in critical condition.  Send whatever thoughts, vibes and energy you can her way.  If nothing else, go buy her books and show you care.  (They're awesome and totally worth the money, even if you don't know her work enough to actually feel for her.)

If you're not familiar with Rob (short for Robyn), she writes urban fantasy.  Currently, she has three different series working - 1) Cal Leandros, 2) Trickster, and 3) Chimera.  Her second book in the Chimera series - Basilisk - just released.  It sucks that during this time when she should be celebrating her sales and her career, she's clinging to life.

Hang in there, Rob.  The world needs you.

8/25/11: Update - she's not doing any better, but if you want to do something, the post tells you what you can do to help.

8/26/11: Update - a slight improvement.  Keep sending those positive thoughts.  Rob has to pull through.

8/28/11 - Update - another small step forward.  Rob's off the ventilator.  Yay!

8/29/11 - Update - BIG step forward.  Hooray!!

8/30/11 - Update - Rob is holding steady.

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