Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm a Mental Hummingbird

I've got too much on my mind right now.  My thoughts flit from one thing to another, never landing on one thing long enough to grasp it before buzzing off to something else.  Yep, I'm a mental hummingbird. 

So, that's why I didn't send that attachment - even though I said it was attached and you were looking for it.

It's also why...

...I said I'd read your chapters and then fell asleep before I could.

...I signed up for Twitter.  (I feel like a twit right now, so it fits.)  I mean, 140 characters is about all my brain can wrap itself around right now.

...I keep forgetting to clean the litterbox and my cat is threatening to shred me in my sleep.

...the other day, I walked out of the house with my shorts on backwards and didn't notice for several hours.

...I can't watch entire TV show without changing channels to see what else is on.

...I referred to my best friend by my daughter's name.

...I pulled a muscle in my back while clipping my toenails. new favorite word is DERP.

How're things in your head lately?


  1. Welcome to Twitter! Judging by this post, I'd say you're perfectly fit to twit. Tweet, I mean.

  2. And it's no wonder with the daughter heading off to college tomorrow. Deep breaths - everything will return to normal.

    BTW - I love hummingbirds - not so much flighty (sp?) as determined, energetic and efficient :)

    Of course, I do worry about you falling asleep while reading that chapter!

  3. I'm right there with you. Can't stay on track to save my life, and when the day ends--which is usually when I begin working on "my stuff", I'm having that same manuscript narcolepsy you describe. Let's just start all over again after Mercury's out of retrograde.

  4. I love this. I feel like that SO OFTEN, but I had never applied it to a hummingbird. It fits perfectly! Don't worry, or feel like twit - you are not alone :)

  5. I've been so busy at work I feel like my brain is melting, so I can empathise with you.

    Well done for joining Twitter, I'll go and find you and follow.