Sunday, August 21, 2011

Getting Back to Work

I promised myself that once I got the kid off to school, I'd get back to work.  Umm, it didn't happen on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  (Other than sending notes on another writer's work, that is.)  I'm not flagellating myself over the lapse yet.  Instead I sat down this evening and worked up a general schedule for myself.

(Subject to change as needed, of course.)

Wake up - When Hubs leaves for work = online stuff (ie blogs, FB, Twitter, etc.)
Hubs Leaving - 10am = personal stuff (errands, phone calls, cleaning, etc.)
10 - Hubs home for lunch = rewriting UEQ
Hubs back to work until 2pm = research, catch up, miscellaneous writerly stuff
2-4pm = TV time (Okay, who am I kidding?  This is my Grey's Anatomy time.)
4-Hubs home = beta reading, critiquing for others
Hubs home - 7pm = dinner, relax time, dishes
7pm-9pm = editing on Djinnocide (depending on crit notes) or new words on another project

This will be solid, but fluid - like jello.  If I need to slip something in somewhere, I've got time.  Or if my personal junk takes less time, I can slide some more writing time in.  The idea is to get at least two hours of writerly stuff in before lunch and another 2 hrs in before bed - with at least an hour to take care of my crit commitments - every day but Sunday.  Then I've got Sunday to catch up or get ahead as needed.  4 hrs a day 6 days a week.  Doable.  Totally.

We'll see if my expectations meet with reality or if they collide in some writerly train wreck.  Keep your fingers crossed.


  1. No flagellation allowed!

    That schedule looks very reasonable. And I'll cross my fingers that no writerly train wrecks will come your way.

  2. I have a television time as well. There are so many upcoming shows that I want to watch. Let's face it...TV helps keep us sane! :P

  3. You can do it! If not, I flagellate with you. I told myself August was going to be very productive. I have 9 days left, I guess, to make that a fact.

  4. This is awesome - solid, yet fluid! I like :) I do so much better with a schedule. I can accomplish so much more. Of course, life calls for change sometimes, but for the most part, sticking to my schedule is the answer to getting anything done. :)

  5. Yay schedules! I prefer to write in two or even three blocks a day as well (when I'm not at my regular job). I got a lot of writing done during my staycation that way.