Thursday, July 7, 2011

Choosing Where to Spend Your Book Budget

Thanks to everyone who told me something nice or commiserated with me yesterday.  I might make that a regular feature of the blog - because we all need to hear nice things every once in a while.

As for today's post, I got to thinking this morning...  With money being tight all over, what do you do about spending money on new-to-you authors versus authors you've been reading forever? 

On the one hand, I love discovering new authors and making them old friends.  If I never tried a new-to-me writer, I wouldn't have found Seanan McGuire - who I crush on in a way only a writer could.  I wouldn't have discovered Laura Bickle or Nancy A. Collins - ladies who gave me awesome new series to read.

On the other hand, I want to keep reading all these series I'm currently reading.  I have to see what happens to Toby Daye, and what the people of Golgotham are up to and whether the fire investigator in Detroit gets her man.  I need to see how Jim Butcher resolves the fact that he killed Harry in the last book, but he's still the MC of this damn series. 

I need to place a book order today.  I'm late buying blog-buddy Jennifer Hillier's debut novel Creep, and I want my purchase to reflect in her first week sales.  And Daughter is hounding me to buy Kevin Hearne's latest release Hammered (even though I still haven't started books one and two of that series - she's addicted to it).

How do you choose what to spend your book budget on?  Do you even have a budget?


  1. You know I can never read enough books. problem is time. There's nothing better than buying a bunch f books and getting stuck in to a new world.

  2. If I've heard a lot of good things about a book, I'll buy it, but if it looks interesting and I'm not sure of it, I'll go to the library first. Then if I like it, I'll buy others by them. And I'm a sucker for a series or books by certain authors, so I'll buy most of those sight-unseen.

    I don't have a big book budget, but I do try to spread it out so I can spend something on them.

  3. I buy the novels I know I will like, and I rent from the library the others I'm not so sure about reading. CREEP looks great, doesn't it? I'm waiting for my darn copy to arrive. :)

  4. Ack! This one is hard. I'm really picky, so I don't get addicted to series that often. I'll like the first, but am not that compelled to buy the second. So I tend to try new ones more. I bought Creep, too! It's awesome!