Thursday, July 28, 2011

Something to Talk About

Anyone?  Seriously.  I mean, I could rant about the debt ceiling.  I mean, I'm sick to death of hearing about another round of 'eek, eek, whatever shall we do?' that I could scream, but I'd rather not add to the mess.

I could talk about my day - which consisted of taking the cats to the vet (one at a time, because Kira hates Max) and doing a never-ending pile of laundry.  But really... bleh.

We could talk about Alex Trebeck and his amazing attempt to chase down a thief.  He snapped his achilles tendon, but security caught the bitch, so it's not all horrible.  Way to go, Alex.  Full of trivia and courageous!  Too bad the body betrayed you or I'm sure you would've kicked her ass.

I got the first bill for Daughter's college...  I definitely don't want to talk about that.  CSU raised their rates (they should hire me to cut their expenses so they wouldn't have to raise rates, but they wouldn't like my suggestions... they never do) and I about barfed when I saw how much the first semester is going to cost.  At least we saved enough to not have to go into debt about it (okay, maybe her senior year, if costs keep rising), but still... :urp:

I finally vacuumed.  And now it needs to be vacuumed again.  Kira seems to think a clean carpet is a sign that she needs to clean her fur by picking out tufts and spitting them in the middle of the living room.  Where she finds tufts to spit is beyond me.  She's a shorthair and I brush her every night.  I swear she's got magical powers.  (Like rapid shedding on vet day.  I was covered in cat fur.)

Mosquitoes should be outlawed. 

And there's the dryer telling me switch loads and fold clothes.  Talk amongst yourselves.  What kind of random things do you have to talk about today?


  1. Ooooh, I'm the first commenter! That never happens! Um, random stuff... I had a good day at work. I took a nap when I got home for a few minutes. I tweeted earlier. That's it!

  2. I shudder when imagining what that tuition must be like...

    Random stuff? I grilled pork chops for dinner and they turned out really well. Watched The Tourist (Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp) and thought it was totally disappointing. Caught up via text chat with a friend I hadn't heard from in a few months. That's about all I got. :)