Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Don't It Just Figger

I'm up to my ass right now.  In the next month, I have a vacation planned - an actual one where we leave the house and junk, I cart my kid off to school... Okay, those are the only big things, but there's so much prep work beforehand, I'm feeling a little like I'm drowning in a sea of lime jello (and I hate lime jello).  I've got to clean the house, sort through boxes of stuff, help the kid pack. Plus, I decided to reorganize and do an inventory on my store. 

Anyway, I'm up to my ass in alligators and the swamp is rising.  So what happens?  After months of totally not feeling creative at all, and not being able to write new words, I got a flash of inspiration last night.  The beginning of a new book sprang into my head like Athena rising out of Zeus's noggin.  I jumped out of bed to write it down, of course, and in the clear light of day, it's pretty damn good.

But I don't have time for this right now.  I want to sit down and writewritewrite, but I have to cleancleanclean ('cuz like who wants to come home to a messy house and I've left some of it too long anyway).  :headdesk: 

Don't it just figger.  I swear my muse has it in for me.  Silly trollop.  Where was this inspiration when I was sitting around watching my dust bunnies grow?  Absent, that's where.  But today, when I had promised myself I would tackle washing that big bag of old clothes so I can get them out of the basement, I get inspired.  Sunuva...

What do you do when inspiration strikes but you're already committed to other things?  You know, like rewriting this NaNo novel I've been typing away on for the past month... 

(Note:  I am not complaining.  Not really.  This post was meant to be funny griping.  I'm just happy to feel like writing again.)


  1. Dang it girl, if the muse is calling, answer her/him/it. The clothes will still be there tomorrow or next week. Or, if that's too guilt-inducing (and I say guilt-schmilt) set a timer, write for an hour (or whatever), do a chore thing for an hour (or whatever).

    Glad to hear the muse has returned!!!

  2. I agree with Lu/Grace, the house will still be dirty tomorrow but your muse may not. WRITE WRITE WRITE. Take advantage of the inspiration while it's there because we all know how awful it is when it's lost. Just think..this could be your big break..do you want to chance it with dust bunnies and dirty laundry?!

  3. It totally does figger. When you're the most busy or in need of sleep, those new ideas waltz right in!

  4. Figgers! Middle of the night flash of inspiration? Your muse has some nerve!

    And thank goodness she does... ;)

  5. Always, girlie! Hope you were able to write!

  6. What can I say except "Murphy's Law!"

    I've left a reply to your comment on Bird's-eye View, http://michellefayard.blogspot.com/2011/07/getting-blog-comments-to-work-for-you.html.

    And I'm glad to be a new follower!