Thursday, July 21, 2011

Drawing a Blank

I lay in bed at night thinking up new and awesome posts.  In the morning, those wonderful ideas are gone like butterflies on a windy day.  This is one of those mornings.

So, I'll leave it up to you. Tell me something good.  Did you read an awesome book recently?  Get some incredible news?  Find the cutest little pair of shoes?  See a little falcon bathing in the neighbor's sprinkler*?

*That last one happened to me Tuesday on my morning walk.  We have a pair of Merlins living nearby and one of them was enjoying a bath on the sidewalk.  =o)

(Picture borrowed from a shot someone took at the Colorado Raptor Center in Pueblo, CO.  This Merlin is a little darker than the one I saw, but you get the idea.)  *Image Deleted.  If you want to see a merlin, go there and look.)


  1. It's frustrating when your great ideas drift away. I always keep a notebook beside my bed. I used to scribble frantically in the dark, but my hubby gave me a book light (one of the best presents I've ever gotten).

    I try to look for something great in every day. Yesterday I had three great things: 1) finishing painting the family room, 2) seeing two of the baby praying mantises we hatched at the end of spring out in the garden and all grown up and 3) sending out queries for one of my novels (scary but good).

  2. I recently switched jobs which is super fantastic because I was really in a terrible awful rut with the job I had. I would cry everyday after I got off work. Just wansn't good. But now I'm heading in a much better direction and I'm so excited! That's good news right?

  3. Thus my lack of a post today :)

    On the animal front - we have bunnies living at the end of our driveway and they always do a mad hop here and there when I walk down to get the mail. We have a fox hanging around - lay on the grass in the front yard the other day and watched me return from my run. Two deer (male and female, very young) wandered through the yard three days ago. And just yesterday an osprey flew down onto the dirt hill just outside my office window and sat for a bit before taking flight once again - beautiful birds.

    At the moment I'm eating fresh strawberries with milk, just purchased from the local market garden (I swear they're still sunshine warm).

    OMG - I'm having an awesome day ;)

  4. I wish I could see a little falcon! Let me see...something tomatoes survived the infestation of rabbits on the hill behind our house. Hurrah!

  5. We have a falcon in the next field and I love watching him whenever I can. So free and beautiful.

    I know what you mean about having these ideas and then them vanishing in the morning. So frustrating.